Travel Planning Made Easy 2

Stop Wasting Your Time and Effort: You've already done a lot of online travel research and maybe you're getting overwhelmed.

    • I'm a travel agent who specializes in complex multi-city itineraries and cruises for couples, families, and groups. I save you time, money, and hassle and most importantly I will ensure your trip meets or exceeds your expectations.
      I save you time and money and hassle and most importantly I'll insure your trip is all that you expected.
    • Are you hoping for a way to take away the hassle and stress of vacation research and planning?
    • Doing your online research and getting overwhelmed?
    • Is planning a multi-city trip making you crazy?
    • Do you wish someone could take care of everything so you can relax and actually look forward to your vacation?

I save you time and eliminate hassle by meticulously taking care of all of the details just for you.

Get your International Pre-Travel FAQs NOW!

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You'll experiencing travel planning magic when we work TOGETHER. Here's how:

Dave Rosenthal, Travel Adviser

Dave Rosenthal, Travel Adviser

Together, we'll work one-on-one to discover your vacation objectives to provide you with the best options for YOUR trip (as opposed to merely "throwing" quotes around).

You'll experience concierge service with meticulous attention to detail just for YOU. 

I'll arrange a comprehensive list of customized trip elements so you can experience the sites, feelings, and tastes of your destination:

  • hotel(s)/tour/resort/cruise itinerary
  • air - the right itinerary for your needs
  • transfers/sightseeing
  • travel insurance
  • restaurant recommendations, tee-times, etc.

Further, you'll receive support with a single-point-of-contact for virtually all of your trip planning needs.

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How we'll create Your Stress-Free Journey Together


Review Your Trip Ideas

New client intake form with trip objectives

Brainstorming session

Initial Itinerary design



Collaborate and design your itinerary

Build-out/book all trip components

Optimize tours and special requests


Prepare for your trip

Provide tips & advice you'll need before you leave for your trip

Pre-trip walk-through of day-by-day itinerary

How to receive in-trip support and trip insurance benefits

If you're not yet ready to book your dream trip design session, then grab your free International Pre-Travel FAQs.