8 Benefits of Using a Travel Adviser

What have I done for YOU lately?  Here are 8 Benefits of Using a Travel Adviser for you!


First, I must thank one of my mentors Stuart Lloyd Cohen, as everything below is an adaptation of a great article that Stuart wrote.  You can see what Stuart is all about right here.


Consider this my Travel Adviser Resume with your benefits:


1) I reduce Your stress

I want you to relax on vacation and also relax during the months and weeks leading up to you trip.  I reduce YOUR worries and stress from the beginning of the travel planning phase until after you come home (should any issues arise, I’m still in your corner.)  I know most of the things that might cause stress both while you are planning and experiencing your trip, and I will eliminate these stressers for you.

2) I increase your convenience

Having you been searching the web for hours? days?  Take your time back because I’ll do all of the legwork for the things you know you need to do for your trip plus some things you may not have thought about.  Have a question? suggestion?  I’m ready to assist you?  Plus I’ll set up as much in advance as you desire so things like transfers, tours, etc. are all done before you arrive.

3) I add value to your trip

I get the most from your vacation dollar.  I know how to create a custom package tailored to your needs.  I’ll provide much more than you may have realized you need for your trip.

4) I validate things you already know

I understand your past travel experiences (from our relationship or your new client intake survey) and want to hear all about them.  What do you like/not like about your past travels?  I value the research you’ve done prior to contacting me for your trip. Your are welcome to send me all of the information you collect.  I will review your information and evaluate it with my experience and knowledge of your travel objectives to see if it is the right fit for your trip.

5) I remind you of things you forgot

Feel comfortable knowing that my to-do list is probably longer than yours!  That’s my job and responsibility to you.  Hire me to take care of the frustrating details so you can get back to work or whatever else you have to do while I focus on your vacation planning details.

6) I offer you things you never knew existed

No matter how well traveled you are or how much time you spend on the Internet, I can provide you with a complete vacation experience.  I can make suggestions for stress relieving trip components you may never have thought of by harnessing my years of experience for your trip.

7) I increase your satisfaction

Your happy travels are my business.  Everything we plan collaboratively, plus all of the work I do behind the scenes is for you to come home with happy memories to share and re-play.  I am personally interested in you and your travel companions.   Planning your travels down to the small details is what I enjoying doing.

8) I plan awesome group trips

Let’s look at a real world story.  I have 20 people going to Hawaii; specifically, Disney’s Aulani Resort.  Some of my travel guests booked their air with me and some purchased air on their own.  Some people are good in regular economy and some want economy plus.  There are four segments to the group’s flights: two to Hawaii and two legs back home.  Some people need to sit with certain other people on all legs of the flights and some of these people may be in economy plus versus regular economy.  Whether they booked their air with me or not, I’m upgrading, tweaking, and moving people around and coordinating this whole process.  Sound complicated? YES, it is; however it’s my pleasure to make you happy throughout your trip.

Will you get this coordination and level of service from a website?  Think about that!

I’ve also coordinated, cabins, dining, transfers, hotels, etc. for group cruises! It’s my pleasure to assist you.

That’s my travel adviser resume for you!

Have you worked with me?  Awesome , and I thank you!  Please let me know how else I may serve your travels?

If you’ve never worked with me, today’s the day to begin with my travel planning survey to understand your travel objectives: