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This is why I'm here for YOU:

to provide hassle-free travel planning & an experience of a lifetime!

You want and deserve:

  • To feel special and not spend endless hours online
  • The best air options, whether included in a package or a la carte, analyzing both convenience and price
  • Hotel/resort options that suit your needs, balancing location & costs
  • Must-see tour options as you desire but with time to relax and explore at your own pace
  • An analysis of best line/ship/itinerary/cabin for your travel objectives
  • Support before, during, and after your travels

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Welcome to travel planning with Daydream Excursions.  You benefit from travel concierge service which focuses on the details of your end-to-end travel experience.  Your trip is by no means a “booking.” I’ve combined my passion for serving customers with my research background and utter fascination with meticulous travel planning.

What kinds of people rely on Daydream Excursions to plan and support their travels? My clients (or travel guests) are busy families, retirees, and professionals who value personalized and high-touch services with all of their travel details arranged for them.   Further, my clients see the value of working with a travel adviser to sort through all of the results they find online.

Norwegian Breakaway Rock of Ages cast members About Dave Rosenthal
Norwegian Breakaway Rock of Ages cast members About Dave Rosenthal

How did I get here?  About Dave Rosenthal

The Before: Travel Adviser from a telecom/tech guy...how did that happen?  After finishing graduate school, I worked in marketing research and high-end account management in the telecom industry.  I traveled a lot - a whole lot - and experienced many places.  One month without  travel and I was ready to plan another trip.  For large sales meetings, we had complete itineraries planned out for us.  We arrived on location and had many activities ready for us to experience.  One of the best parts of my corporate travel experience was my own trip planning and the subsequent anticipation.

The Turning Point: The telecom industry imploded in 2002, which meant I was out of a job!  I accepted a couple of lower-level sales positions  just to remain in the workforce.  These positions were not suitable for my past skills and talents.  I just showed up at these jobs and quit each within one year of starting. During this period, one of the things I enjoyed best was planning leisure trips.

The Worldview - about Dave Rosenthal, the Who: I have a passion for meeting new people at the very core of my being.  I truly believe that there is nothing like meeting new people in different places and countries to learn about their culture.  Buying a shirt at a little souvenir store in Canada involves interactions and questions.  I think these little tidbits can really add up and make a difference in one’s worldview.  After each little interaction, I get a fresh perspective on someone else’s world.