All Inclusive Resorts: 18 Questions You Need to Ask

Have All-Inclusive Resort questions?  Here are 18 questions you need to ask when planning your next resort trip.  With the weather turning cold in North America, it’s time to think about warm weather destinations.  Warning, if you’re looking for a “$399 for 7-Days with air” type of deal, this is not the right article to read!

Excellence Riviera Maya

Excellence Riviera Maya

Pool Areas

Imagine, you’re settled in to your lovely resort with your bathing suits and ready to hit the pools.  You see a Pirate ship in the pool with lots of splashing kids.  Is that a good thing or not a good thing for your needs?  Think about all of the questions you could ask just about the pools at the resort:

Pirate Ship in Pool

Pirate Ship in Pool Gran Caribe


  1. Lots of pool-centric games and classes or not?
  2. Is the pool a hub for socializing or relaxation?
  3. Does the pool close at dusk or is it open late?
  4. Are lots of pool games and exercise class OK with you?
  5. Prefer a quiet pool?
  6. BTW, if you DO WANT a pool with a Pirate ship in it, the resort at the right will truly please the children and the Adults!



Dining options

  1. Are buffets OK?  Would you like dining with more or less buffet options?
  2. Do you expect specialty restaurant dining to be included?
  3. Are reservations required for specialty dining? Or can you just show up at the specialty dining restaurants?
  4. Are you limited in the number of times you can experience specialty dining per your stay?
  5. By the way, are you OK with wearing a wristband throughout your stay?

Bar/Lounge options

  1. Wine SpectatorWhat do you prefer in your mini-bar and the bars in the resort: top-shelf, premium, or call liquors?
  2. Are local country domestic beers OK or would you prefer a wide international selection?
  3. House wines or wine listed in Wine Spectator Magazine?
  4. In-room Minibar stocked once per visit or once per day?

 Entertainment Pace

  1. Want lots of socializing type activities or serenity-like spa and wellness focused?
  2. Is the evening entertainment low key or high energy going int the late night?  While we’re on this topic, interested in a brand new resort which is described as a low-key cross between South Beach and Las Vegas?  Ask me about it.
  3. Is your resort a standalone property or is it part of a larger multi-resort complex?  If it’s a “complex” or has nearby properties under the same brand, do you have exchange privileges so that you may “dine-around” at the other resorts?  Does this matter to you?


From “resort view” to swim-up suites – that’s a whole topic in and of itself and this post is done for now!

Please see my review of the Royalton for a look at this exciting property.

Ready to plan your all-inclusive resort trip.  Let’s talk.  Finally, if you find this article useful, please share and leave me a comment below.

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