Authentic Polynesian Cultural Experience in Hawaii

Looking for an Authentic Polynesian Cultural Experience in Hawaii?

Polynesian Cultural Experience Hawaii

Polynesian Cultural Center – real client after a “pass the stick game” Polynesian Cultural Experience Hawaii

The Polynesian Cultural Center represents an incredible authentic Polynesian cultural experience in Hawaii.  The Center is located in the Northern Part of Oahu, the “Waikiki Island.”

And yes, it has a Luau!  While there are many luaus in Hawaii (especially on Oahu and Maui), the Polynesian Cultural Center is different.  Read on for why I recommend the Polynesian Cultural Center’s Luau.

I normally bundle this into a package via one of my wholesalers to have everything on one itinerary/one invoice.  A visit to the Center normally includes the Luau with a choice of seating/dinner experiences.  For even more control, I can now offer to book exact seats offered within each tier of your Luau “experience” by working directly with the Center.

Want to drive there in a rental car?  Have a shuttle pick you up at your hotel? Whatever you prefer.

Lately, I’ve been taking my clients closer to my on-the-ground tour operators.  This option of working directly with the Polynesian Cultural Center is an example of how you can have even more precise control over your authentic vacation experiences.

A little more about the “Center:” Explore the Island Nations of Polynesia including:

  • Tonga
  • Tahiti
  • Hawaii
  • Samoa
  • Aotearoa
  • Fiji

via interactive exhibits.  Some exhibits include: canoe paddling in a native-style outrigger canoe, Samoan cooking, Moia statues, etc.  Each village offers shows, presentations giving you more insight into their cultures.

Authentic Polynesian Cultural Experience in Hawaii – The Luau

There are a lot of places in Hawaii to enjoy a Luau – especially on Oahu and Maui.  At the Polynesian Cultural Center you’ll enjoy a dinner buffet and then experience the show: HA: BREATH OF LIFE.

You’ll start with your Luau dinner at your choice of three different service levels:

  1. ALI’I LUAU BUFFET: dine in lush surrounding under a covered area
  2. PRIME DINING BUFFET: dine in the grand dining hall with an upgraded menu

  3. ISLAND BUFFET:Polynesian-inspired, Asian and American cuisine served in the grand Gateway Restaurant

    As time goes by, I build up more experience with my own network of international contacts at the actual tour suppliers and hotels to give you precisely the experience you want.

Ha: Breath of Life Show

The evening show has a large number of performers, special effects, animation, and surround sound.  You’ll experience Polynesian dance and music!

Experience the show in three levels of seating:

  1. Ambassador
  2. Luau
  3. General


As always I’ll explain your options and help you select the best option for you!

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