Baltic Cruise August 2011

Dear Dave: Thank you very much for everything that you did to make sure that we had a great cruise. Much thanks for the dinner at Sabatinis and for the bottle of wine, we greatly enjoyed it, thank you very much again. Our cruise was great, we had very good weather and all the shore excursions were on target and very enjoyable. In Oslo it was just the two of us with a car and guide, In St. Petersburg our minibus had 25 persons and it work great and like clockwork.In all the other cities there were only 4of us for each shore excursion so it went wonderful and got a chance to see everything we wanted plus take pictures any time we wanted. The only glitch was in Helsinki because the guide had a sign that said “Shore excursion” instead of Eurway Tour wich is what our voucher said, so it took us about 25 minutes to connect. That was the only glitch in the entire cruise and it was easily solved after a few challenging minutes. As soon as I put the pictures in the computer I will be sending you some, but I want you to know that all the buses that Princess used in every port were top of the line including St. Petersburg.Our company DenRuss tours had very modern equipment also and it was the preference of hundreds of passengers that didn’t take the tours with Princess.
All in all it was a great experience, also the hotel in Copenhagen was very nice and it saved us a lot of money because besides breakfast they also had a light dinner menu included. Denmark and the rest of all these Baltic countries are extremely expensive for us with US Dollars. I was really horrified with the prices of food and drinks.
Once again thak you very much Carlos and Regina