Barbados – Caves & Monkeys & Beaches, Oh My!

One of my past guests recently booked a Barbados third-party shore excursion along with three other third-party shore excursions with much trepidation.  She was led to believe there is great risk by not taking the shore excursions offered by the cruise line.  “What if we get left behind?” is a common question we hear at Daydream Excursions; we use providers who will guarantee to get  you to your next port if you get left behind.  And the chance of getting left behind is quite low but makes an excellent scare tactic!  Let me arrange your shore excursions for a more authentic experience and potentially put more money into the pockets of the hard working locals in your destination.


Green Monkeys (Chlorocebus sabaeus or Chloroce...

Green Monkeys (Chlorocebus sabaeus or Chlorocebus aethiops) grooming, at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Saint Peter Parish, Barbados. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Her is a review of one third party shore excursion in Barbados.  This review comes courtesy of Angela and James from Phoenix. See their trip to Costa Rica as well.

This was one of our favorites-  the cave was really nice (almost so nice it looked fake!). The tourism board spent a lot of money on it making it really well lit, informative, had an attached education center with videos, etc.

We had our only female guide of the trip and she was great.   Good sense of humor, polite, etc.

The lunch was good and the wildlife reserve was really different than anywhere I’d ever been– it was almost like a zoo that you walk through, with the animals just crossing the path in front of you!  You literally had to watch out so you didn’t step on a turtle and the deer were so close you could almost touch them.   We were getting ready to leave with no monkey sightings (hugely disappointing for me because after seeing only 2 monkies in Costa Rica I was dying to see some). However, we heard they were “back” so we stayed a little longer here than I think we were supposed to but were able to see lots of monkeys including a mama with a baby on her belly!  So cute.

We then went to a nice beach where we had lawn chairs and umbrellas waiting for us (ironically the beach was next door to what was supposedly Richard Branson‘s house- like if he was there, he would share the same beach as us!).   It was really overcast and eventually started raining so it wasn’t our “Best” beach day, but would have been quite nice had the weather cooperated.

Overall, I think this one was the best value for the price:  2 distinct “activities”, plus beach, plus island tour, stops for pictures,  plus lunch and a drink at the wildlife reserve.   So after this, you can see why the St. Lucia tour wasn’t that exciting- this had a lot more to offer for what I think was similar prices.

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