Expand Your World with These 2020 Unique Experiences

Ready to expand your world in 2020?  You’re going to learn about some unique experiences to inspire your travels. Welcome travelers! Did you have meaningful travel experiences in 2019? What’s on your bucket list for the future? Looking for travel ideas for 2020? Well, this guide’s for you! About Me – Dave Rosenthal, Travel Adviser […]

International Travel Documents: What You Need To Know

Planning for your dream vacation can be so exciting — where you’re going to stay, what you’ll see, the shows you’ll take in, and the amazing food you’ll try. But what about all of your travel documents? Are they all in order? How to you safeguard your documents?  Presenting – International travel documents: what you […]

How To Do Newport, Rhode Island in a Weekend

Ever been to Newport, Rhode Island?  I’ll tell you how to do Newport, Rhode Island in a weekend.  Preferably a long weekend.     Logistics You can do Newport, Rhode Island on a  long weekend by car or train from New York, New Jersey, or from the Washington DC area.  You can also fly to […]

5 questions to help pick the right luggage for your trip

Most travelers have a Nightmare Luggage story. Do you? 5 questions to help pick the right luggage for your trip You spent a lot of money on a fancy brand-name bag that broke on the first leg of the trip. Or you skimped on the spending and got exactly what you paid for. Or the […]

Warning: Is Your Passport OK?

Quick question, and a warning: is your passport OK? Are you planning a trip with me?  Planning elsewhere?  Either way, please check your passport NOW!  I recently had a couple greatly looking forward to a quick 4 Night escape to Bermuda.  The day prior to leaving, the husband realized that his passport was expired.  (Please […]

A Great Way to Explore the Galapagos

Looking for a great way to explore the Galapagos?  I attended a wonderful seminar from Celebrity in beautiful (and I mean beautiful) Hoboken, New Jersey.  The Galapagos Sales & Communication Director at Celebrity Cruises presented a fact-filled session on Celebrity’s Galapagos offerings.   Quick note to you:  I took these photos on my phone during the […]

How to speed up TSA security AND immigration lines

Want to know how to speed up TSA security and immigration lines? If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve undoubtedly had the near-universal experience of enduring a TSA security line or an immigration line upon re-entry the US. What if you could bypass these lines for good?   Global Entry, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection […]

Is The Best Camera for Your Vacation A Phone?

Why the Best Camera for Your Vacation Might Not Be A Camera!   Is The Best Camera for Your Vacation A Phone? Most people want to take at least a few photos on their vacation, but not everyone wants the fuss of packing and keeping track of more electronic equipment. Have you considered leaving your digital […]

National Plan for Vacation Day

Do you know national plan a vacation day is coming? Go ahead and listen to Samantha Brown. According to the US Travel Association, “Last year more than 705 million vacation days went unused. How can we help America put those vacation days to use? By encouraging them to plan. Research shows that individuals who plan are […]

How to Pack for Your Ultimate Dream Vacation

Where are you going next? Want to know how to pack for your ultimate dream vacation?  Read on for some great ideas to help you perfect your own packing. 14 Ingenious Packing Tips From People Who Travel For A Living Ahh, organization. Here are 14 no-nonsense , easy to implement packing tips. By Suzy Strutner […]