Genuine Mountain Biking Fjord Safari in Norway

Are you up for a genuine Mountain Biking and Fjord safari in Norway?  Lately, I’ve been taking my clients closer to my on-the-ground tour operators.  Recently a client came to me to book an active adventure in Norway with only about one month’s notice.  She was interested in a combination mountain biking and fjord safari […]

Three Unique Travel Experiences

Last Thursday was the first meeting of the new season of NJ ACT – Association of Central Jersey Travel Agents. There is where I meet with travel vendors and learn about their latest offerings. We had three presentations from companies that are way beyond the typical tour/cruise/resort offerings. Please read on for three unique travel […]

United Airlines Remarkable New Low in Customer Service

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard about United Airlines remarkable new low in customer service. Do you want to check out some interesting tweets: United Incident Tweets   Warning – expletives on that link!  Note: there is a lot more to this story than the video showing the man being dragged off the plane…not […]

Order Taking Travel Agents are Toast

Order Taking Travel Agents are Toast! There I said it!  The old timey order taking travel agents are toast.  I’ve been in Sales for over twenty years and have always despised order takers.  When I first got into the travel business, I heard older travel agents lamenting about the times when airlines paid commission.  TOO […]

Things to Know for Your Wine Themed River Cruise

Things to Know for your Very First European Wine-themed river Cruise We have always believed that it is a good thing to be prepared and know your options for any travel experience. Knowledge of the product and what is included is one benefit that you can enjoy when evaluating a river cruise against a land […]

Did You Leave Out One of These 5 Items for Your Italy Trip?

This brief guide reveals 5 items you need to know before leaving for your trip to Italy. Have your overlooked any of these critical items for your Italy trip? While you may have booked a flight and hotel, there is more you must consider to have a well-planned out travel experience!  This guide comes from […]

My Favorite Travel Tools

Here are some of the travel tools I enjoy using; you just might need some of these travel tools too. Whether creating interactive itineraries, keeping in touch with existing clients, or explaining my value to new clients, I love to test out new travel tools. Itineraries iZento – I’ve used iZento for years; they are one […]

Burst: Huge Travel Insurance Breakthrough

Just when you think there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to travel insurance, along comes something that changes your mind completely. Such a development is Burst, the new payment program from Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection.

Your tour of the spectacular Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso

Iberostar Paraiso Grand Site Inspection

See the Spectacular Iberostar Paraiso Resort Complex

This post reviews this sprawling 5-resort complex. See the Spectacular Iberostar Paraiso Resort Complex. In addition to touring this mega-resort complex, I’ve sent clients to the different resort properties here for years.  There are  five different resorts here at the Iberostar Paraiso for different budgets; the resorts and for families and adults plus adults only.  […]