How to plan your multi-city land vacation

This article focuses on how to plan your multi-city land vacation with me.  Winter/early Spring is when I have the highest requests to begin planning multi-city custom trips – a.k.a. built from scratch. These include places like the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Costa Rica.     You’ll learn more about what goes into the […]

Celebrate Mamma Mia in the Greek Islands

You can celebrate Mama Mia in the Greek Islands; beginning in May, 2019, Star Clippers will pay homage to the beloved romantic comedy Mamma Mia with their new “Mamma Mia Highlights” sailings through the Greek isles. This seven-night itinerary, sailing round trip out of Athens, will visit several of the islands where Mamma Mia—as well […]

Is an Authentic Tall Ship Sailing Adventure for You?

Is an Authentic Tall Ship Sailing Adventure right for you?   Looking for a different vacation experience?  I mean REALLY different which is what you will find in this post.     I have even more questions for you to see if this is right for your vacation mix: Looking for an experiential trip of a […]

Four Astonishing Places that Will Amaze You

Let’s take a look at four astonishing places that will amaze you.  These four destinations are not your typical tourist hot spots. Before we dive into these four astonishing places that you may have never heard of, here’s a full list from National Geographic of the best trips for 2018 – some familiar, some not […]

The Adventure Mindset will get you a better trip

Do you want to know how The Adventure Mindset will get you a better trip? Please read on to learn more about “the adventure mindset.” Nobody loves standing in long security lines, and I don’t know one person who is thrilled by the fact that most airline seats only recline about four inches, if you’re […]

A proven way to more happiness

Looking for a proven way to more happiness? This article shows the benefits of travel with the research to back-up the claim that travel can lead to more happiness. We know that travel comes with a host of great benefits as you get to: spend time with people you love see new things and try […]

Airfare Savings Tips for 2018

Ready for some Airfare savings tips for 2018!  I’m sharing highlights from a report from ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) with airfare savings tips.  This report was prepared by Megan Leader, senior brand and content strategist for ARC. Many of my readers are consulting with me just in the past few weeks to begin planning their […]

MSC Cruises: The Best Cruise Line You’ve Never Heard Of

I recently attend a seminar with MSC Cruises  – Is MSC Cruises the Best Cruise Line You’ve Never Heard Of? MSC Cruises is part of a worldwide financial powerhouse.  Chances are you may have never heard of MSC Cruises nor actually sailed on MSC Cruises. In addition to cruising, MSC is a huge container cargo […]

Helpful Travel Apps for You to Explore the World

Looking for some helpful travel apps to help you explore the world? If you’re a frequent traveler or a not-so-frequent traveler, there are Helpful Travel Apps that can help you explore the world a little bit easier. Before, we get to the “sexy” Helpful Travel Apps, let’s take a look at an airline app and […]

Shared Shuttle Bus From Tampa to Miami

Looking for shared shuttle bus from Tampa to Miami and points in between to get to your cruise?   Are you located on the West Coast of Florida, anywhere near Tampa and points South? Don’t feel like driving to your cruise port? Want round-trip transportation without paying for a private car?   I’ve been doing […]