Airfare Savings Tips for 2018

Ready for some Airfare savings tips for 2018!  I’m sharing highlights from a report from ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) with airfare savings tips.  This report was prepared by Megan Leader, senior brand and content strategist for ARC. Many of my readers are consulting with me just in the past few weeks to begin planning their […]

MSC Cruises: The Best Cruise Line You’ve Never Heard Of

I recently attend a seminar with MSC Cruises  – Is MSC Cruises the Best Cruise Line You’ve Never Heard Of? MSC Cruises is part of a worldwide financial powerhouse.  Chances are you may have never heard of MSC Cruises nor actually sailed on MSC Cruises. In addition to cruising, MSC is a huge container cargo […]

Helpful Travel Apps for You to Explore the World

Looking for some helpful travel apps to help you explore the world? If you’re a frequent traveler or a not-so-frequent traveler, there are Helpful Travel Apps that can help you explore the world a little bit easier. Before, we get to the “sexy” Helpful Travel Apps, let’s take a look at an airline app and […]

Shared Shuttle Bus From Tampa to Miami

Looking for shared shuttle bus from Tampa to Miami and points in between to get to your cruise?   Are you located on the West Coast of Florida, anywhere near Tampa and points South? Don’t feel like driving to your cruise port? Want round-trip transportation without paying for a private car?   I’ve been doing […]

Multi-City Travel Service Update

One-Stop Multi-City Travel Services I’ve enjoyed speaking with you about your travels and booking trip(s) for you for over 11 years! I want to tell you about a shift I’ve made in my travel business, I’m specializing in complex multi-city travel trips.  I have over 11 years of experience and absolutely LOVE helping busy people […]

Genuine Experience in Cinque Terre Italy

Are you up for a genuine experience in Italy?  Consider Cinque Terre. We’re talking about visiting the Cinque Terre.  Lately, I’ve been taking my clients closer to real authentic local experiences via my on-the-ground tour operators.  Many first time trips to Italy may include stays in Rome, Florence, and Venice.  There is absolutely nothing wrong […]

Authentic Polynesian Cultural Experience in Hawaii

Looking for an Authentic Polynesian Cultural Experience in Hawaii? The Polynesian Cultural Center represents an incredible authentic Polynesian cultural experience in Hawaii.  The Center is located in the Northern Part of Oahu, the “Waikiki Island.” And yes, it has a Luau!  While there are many luaus in Hawaii (especially on Oahu and Maui), the Polynesian […]

Genuine Mountain Biking Fjord Safari in Norway

Are you up for a genuine Mountain Biking and Fjord safari in Norway?  Lately, I’ve been taking my clients closer to my on-the-ground tour operators.  Recently a client came to me to book an active adventure in Norway with only about one month’s notice.  She was interested in a combination mountain biking and fjord safari […]

Three Unique Travel Experiences

Last Thursday was the first meeting of the new season of NJ ACT – Association of Central Jersey Travel Agents. There is where I meet with travel vendors and learn about their latest offerings. We had three presentations from companies that are way beyond the typical tour/cruise/resort offerings. Please read on for three unique travel […]

United Airlines Remarkable New Low in Customer Service

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard about United Airlines remarkable new low in customer service. Do you want to check out some interesting tweets: United Incident Tweets   Warning – expletives on that link!  Note: there is a lot more to this story than the video showing the man being dragged off the plane…not […]