8 Benefits of Using a Travel Adviser

What have I done for YOU lately?  Here are 8 Benefits of Using a Travel Adviser for you!   First, I must thank one of my mentors Stuart Lloyd Cohen, as everything below is an adaptation of a great article that Stuart wrote.  You can see what Stuart is all about right here.   Consider […]

Xcaret: What is this place and why should you go?

What is Xcaret?  This article reviews what it is like to experience Xcaret. Xcaret is a vast nature park just South of Playa del Carmen in the Rivera Maya area of Mexico.  Xcaret is filled with underground rivers (or cenotes), Mayan culture, wildlife, and beautiful Caribbean water.  While this place has the layout and feel […]

Fresh from the New York Times Travel Show

Feature Article – Fresh from the New York Times Travel Show   Warning, this post is heavily biased.  For people who’ve never worked with me, how do I explain the value I provide for your trip (especially multi-city travel)? Rather than saying it in my own words, why not let some of the big dogs […]

Cuba: Engage or Isolate

Cuba: Engage or Isolate There’s a lot going on in the news concerning events in Cuba.   Is it better to engage or isolate Cuba?  What’s my agenda here?  To promote travel everywhere!   Several of Daydream Excursions’ clients visited Russia this year and embarked on a 2 day tour of St. Petersburg.  It was […]

Do You Have a Lifetime Travel Plan?

Do you have a Lifetime Travel Plan? Financial Plan? Fitness plan? We’ve all heard that it is a good idea to have a plan – especially for retirement, college, longevity, etc. The key to long term success is long term planning. You can have a lifetime travel plan too. Consider just a small sampling of […]

10 Tips for Your Holiday Travel

I’m going to give you 10 tips for your holiday travel success. But first questions: Have you ever flown on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving?  I have! Have you ever driven on I-95 on the Sunday after Thanksgiving?  I have many times, and it’s brutal! Read on to make your holiday travels smoother and avoid […]

What You Must Do Before You Travel Internationally

Packed and ready to go on your dream trip? Wondering what You Must Do Before You Travel Internationally? This guide reveals what you need to know before you leave for your trip The information comes from years of answering of client questions. If you have travel tips you’d like to add or questions to ask, […]

Happiness and Travel Agents

There is a recent study conducted in January 2014 by MMGY Global looking into happiness and the usage of travel agents. I’d like to share some of the insights with you.  Travel Agent Happiness Study Background Respondents have annual income greater than $50,000 8,338 respondents traveled for leisure in past 12 months About 14% used […]

Preventing Unacceptable Flight Connections

The situation that required preventing unacceptable flight connections. I have two special long-time clients anticipating a life-long dream for three weeks in Brazil on an “upper premium” cruise.  The cruise line was offering an unbeatable offer for air fare down to Rio de Janeiro and back from Miami – where the cruise ends.  My special […]

All Inclusive Resorts: 18 Questions You Need to Ask

Have All-Inclusive Resort questions?  Here are 18 questions you need to ask when planning your next resort trip.  With the weather turning cold in North America, it’s time to think about warm weather destinations.  Warning, if you’re looking for a “$399 for 7-Days with air” type of deal, this is not the right article to […]