The Right and Wrong of Vacation Planning

Question: How do you plan a remarkable trip? Let’s look at the right and wrong of vacation planning.


Photo by vacation planning delfi de la Rua on Unsplash

Vacation Planning Photo by delfi de la Rua on Unsplash



What’s Right


Vacation planning right and wrongs Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Vacation planning right and wrongs Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

More flights/trains/ship transportation options to visit the US and the World.

You may travel to almost anywhere on the planet which opens up vast new options based on where YOU want to visit!

Almost instantly book a plane ticket to almost anywhere 100% on your own

Research your fares and book your own pane tickets to about anywhere all by yourself.

Book a hotel or alternative lodging almost anywhere in the world 100% on your own

Booking a hotel or alternative has never been easier, and you can reserve your room in just a few steps for travel to almost anywhere on the planet.

Book a cruise totally on your own

You can book a cruise with the cabin of your choosing and perhaps the promotions of your choosing without any human intervention. This is a fairly complex transaction with a lot of moving parts that are all accomplished online.

What’s Wrong:

Missing or Delayed flights/Connecting flights

The first problem area to explore in the right and wrong of vacation planning is flights! Many flight booking sites will recommend flights with unreasonably long or short connections; both scenarios can be fraught with frustration.  If you have too short of a connection you stand the chance of missing your connecting light.  Similarly, with too long of a connection and you’re stuck for hours in an airport when you just want to get to your destination or home. Two bits of advice: (1) Get to the airport earlier than you think you need to – period.  As you don’t need surprises in the baggage or security lines. (2) Be Aware of scheduling a flight with too short or too long of a connection.

The Money

Immediate payment is due for many do-it yourself online options.  This may is not an issue for close in travels but do you want to pay 100% upfront for a far away booking?  There’s a lot of obsession with “deals.”  Exactly what do you get for your “deal”?  A room in-between the elevators and the ice machine?

Limited or no in-trip/post-trip support

The above list brings home the point that virtually anything can be booked online on your own.  But, where do you turn when you have a question? Questions will arise!

Can quickly immerse yourself into information overload

There is no lack of travel information on the web.  How much time are you spending researching and then stuck into taking no action.  And, when planning a more complex trip, how do you put all of the information together?  Will you know which options are right for your trip?  Finally, how much time will it take to research/decide/book/track everything?

How to know if you’re planning the right trip for yourself

Photo by on Unsplash_794156 The Right and Wrong of Vacation Planning

Photo by on Unsplash_794156 The Right and Wrong of Vacation Planning


You might try to cram “too much” in with no down time.  Please refer to the 5 Worst Trip Planning Mistakes.

Too much could be defined as two many cities/locations for one trip, too many sites, too many flights in too little time.  Please always leave some down time for a little serendipity.  You never know if you’ll see a cafe where you may just want to sit for a few hours and take it all in.  And all of those cities you want to visit may be too much for one trip.


Hoping for a two week trip to Italy for 4 for under $4k??   Just the airfare will devour your budget.

Looking at a realistic budget for a cruise vacation?  You’ll need to know the “cost-to-get-off” of the ship.   Many mass-market line offer tantalizing prices to book but will add mandatory charges onboard.  Further, without careful attention, you may get all of your onboard charges delivered to you under your door on the last night of your cruse.  Finally, don’t forget to take into account unanticipated charges like resort fees, tipping, Foreign Exchange, cell phone/data, and ATM fees.

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Question: Hoping for a way to maximize the right and minimize the wrong of vacation planning?  How about taking away the hassle and stress of vacation research and planning? By working together, we’ll avoid the “wrongs” of vacation planning!


How we’ll create Your Next Vacation Together


ONE: Review Your Travel Objectives

  • Complete Your New client intake form
  • Review Call
  • Initial Itinerary design (One of my key objectives in The Right and Wrong of Vacation Planning is ensuring you do Not try to cram too much in for your own good!)

TWO: Work Together Interactively

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash vacation planning

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash vacation planning

  • Collaborate and design your itinerary
  • Book all trip components/logistics
  • Add-on tours and special requests

THREE: Get Ready for Your Travels

  • Provide tips & advice you’ll need before you leave for your trip
  • Pre-trip walk-through of day-by-day itinerary – you’ll have your trip details on my smartphone app
  • How to receive in-trip support and trip insurance benefits


There you have it – my take on the right and wrong of vacation planning.

Ready to start your trip?  YES, let’s go!  AND, learn more about your travel advisor