Cruise vs Resort: Total Cost to Come Home

What is your total cost to come home

from your vacation?  OK, I hate hearing this, “I found this vacation for $1399 for two.”  Really?  Please tell me all about it?  (Hope I’m not offending anyone here! You may know who you are.)  Turns out this property in question is NOT  All-Inclusive so the amount spent for meals and drinks is not there.

Our focus is on YOUR TOTAL COST TO COME HOME.  I cranked out a simple but realistic analysis of a realistic vacation choice for a family of four.  The bottom line of the chart below is a good estimate of the total cost to come home NOT the cost to book the trip.

So what’s better: a cruise or an All-Inclusive resort?

Do you agree with my assumptions?  Let me know.  Want to spend your vacation in one place (a resort) or take your resort (a ship) to different places?  The answer is up to you, but I’ll help you understand the options along with your total cost to come home.

Cruise vs Resort Analysis

What’s the total cost to come home?