Cruising from New York City or New Jersey?

Cruising from New York City or New Jersey?  What do you get for your money when cruising from New York City or New Jersey?

  • Is cruising from New York City or New Jersey a better “deal” than cruising from Florida?
  • Understand your vacation objectives prior to planning a cruise from New York or New Jersey first!

I want YOU to think about your vacation.

  1. How much will it cost?  (No, NOT JUST the “cost” of the cruise.)
  2. How much value will you get out of your trip?
  3. Is really “cheaper” to cruise from New York City/New Jersey than Florida?
  4. What does cheaper mean?

What are you getting for your hard earned cash?

Let’s take a look at what’s departing from the three cruise ports and then compare what you get in Florida?   Think you know the answer?

The purpose of this article to to help you understand what you can accomplish on a “warm port” or “sun and  sand” type of itinerary.  From the NY/NJ area you can do only so much in a average 7-9 day itinerary.  Want to see the Caribbean?  From this area, you can see about 22.5 hours of “port” in the true Caribbean in about 8 days. One major cruise line is geographically challenged in their 8 day itineraries, calling them Caribbean when they actually are not quite what you may expect!   To really explore the Caribbean from the NY/NJ area, you need a 9 or more day itinerary.  A sample 9 Day trip provides 4 ports and 33.5 hours in port (Yes, I am adding up the number manually to help illustrate the point.)

Will You Cruise from New York City?

Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival offer year round service out of New York City’s West Side cruise port.  Norwegian just launched their new Breakaway in Spring 2013.

From NYC, you can enjoy a 7Day seasonal itineraries are great for a Canadian or Bermudan trip.  A Bermuda trip will feature three solid days in port.  Trips to the Bahamas and Florida are also offered but these are not warm and beachey all year round.

(Holland America offers one-way seasonal service to Montreal and luxury line such as Silversea, and Crystal offer seasonal and occasionally long segments trips out of New York so don’t factor into this analysis much.)

Is it Better to Cruise from New Jersey

Let’s feature Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas which leaves from Bayonne, NJ.   This ship is a little well used BUT hugely popular and almost always booked full up as it offers a wide variety of true Caribbean itineraries starting at 9 days.

Explorer of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise...


The new Quantum of the Seas will be here soon to replace the aging Explorer of the Seas; The new Quantum and will have a wealth of “stuff” aboard to charge more $$.  Can’t change what you can do out of Bayonne itinerary wise.  Royal’s Quantum will have bumper cars and a ride like the London eye.   They are introducing their newest ship in NJ with a full array of new “stuff” on-board.  Again, you can’t do much with a 9D itinerary so Royal is adding lots of “things” on the new Quantum of the Seas.  Longer literariness beyond 9 days are also offered which will include much more varied ports.

So, what do YOU get if you choose to cruise from of NYC/NJ:

1) More on-board stuff to enjoy?

2) “Better” itineraries?

The answer lies with you but I can help you evaluate the options.  And, YOU know what is best for your individual vacation objectives.

How about leaving from Florida?

Does it cost more to go on a cruise from Florida? And, what do you get for your money?

Even with airfare, Florida can be the winner!  I believe Florida is the better value and gives you better itineraries.  On a 7Day round trip itinerary, many ships will give you four full days in port.  The newest mega ships will give you three ports days on a 7 Day itinerary.  Then, either before or after the cruise you can enjoy a stay in cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or Orlando.  Lots of people sail from NJ/NY because they don’t want to fly.  Since you can’t change the itinerary that much for this area all you can do is change the ship.

Until recently, the cruise lines just left their older ships in NYC/NJ as they know people just want to leave from NYC/NJ.  Norwegian was ahead of the game over a decade ago with the Norwegian Dawn.  Norwegian wins the cruise ship arm’s race today with the Breakaway.  Royal must follow with the Quantum of the Seas while Carnival will further discount to cement their place at the bottom of the heap.

Would you like to see a business case comparing the cost of a cruise out of NYC/NJ versus a cruise out of Florida with airfare?

What are your thoughts?  I would really like to know!

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