Expand Your World with These 2020 Unique Experiences

Ready to expand your world in 2020?  You’re going to learn about some unique experiences to inspire your travels.

Welcome travelers!

  • Did you have meaningful travel experiences in 2019?
  • What’s on your bucket list for the future?
  • Looking for travel ideas for 2020?

Well, this guide’s for you!

About Me – Dave Rosenthal, Travel Adviser

Welcome to travel planning with Daydream Excursions.  You benefit from travel concierge service which focuses on the details of your end-to-end travel experience.  Your trip is by no means a “booking.” Above all else, I’ve combined my passion for serving clients with my research background and utter fascination with meticulous travel planning.

What kinds of people rely on Daydream Excursions to plan and support their travels?

My clients are busy families, retirees and professionals who value personalized and high-touch services with all of their travel details arranged for them.   Further, my clients see the value of working with a travel adviser to sort through all of the results they find online.

Norwegian Breakaway Rock of Ages cast members About Dave Rosenthal
Dave Rosenthal with Norwegian Breakaway Rock of Ages cast members



What YOU’LL get with these 2020 unique experiences

  • You’ll experience a river cruise in a place you never thought about for a river cruise
  • Visit a “new” off-the-beaten-path European destination
  • Explore the USA in some under the radar locations
  • Effortlessly explore European destinations on a river cruise with cabins as large as you may have experienced on an ocean going ship
  • Experience a Caribbean cruise unlike any other

First let’s get a sense of what’s on your radar:

  • First time to Europe?
  • Been to Europe but want a new experience?
  • Want something unique right here in the USA?

Here are the ideas for your 2020 unique experiences

1) Cruise the Danube on the only river ship with cabins that rival ocean going ships complimentary air is included on select sailings*

Want to experience a river cruise on the Blue Danube? Are you used to ocean cruising and don’t want to downsize to a smaller “river” stateroom?

Introducing the AmaWaterways AmaMagna!  The AmaMagna is 72 feet wide, which is almost double the width of most European river ships.  Therefore, you experience bigger cabins and more public space.


Ama Magna - 2020 Unique Experiences

Ama Magma – 2020 Unique Experiences



Stateroom Accommodations:


AmaMagna - 2020 Unique Experiences

AmaMagna Suite Cat. SA – Room #313 – Deck 3 Starboard
AmaMagna – Amawaterways – 2020 Unique Experiences

  • Most accommodations are suites, ranging from 355 sq. ft. to 710 sq. ft., featuring step-out balconies
  • Even the smallest cabins are 205 square feet
  • Marble bathrooms, multi-jet showers, soothing bath products, cotton bathrobes, slippers and hair dryer
  • The AmaMagna features multiple dining venues and even a small  excursions boat in the aft of the ship
  • There are occasional programs for free round-trip air and group promotions are available for select sailings!
  • *Terms & Conditions apply for the free air promotion – check with me for details

2) Malta

While Malta is getting added onto some Med cruises, it is becoming more popular in its own right.  In fact, many Americans return to Malta as their vacation destination after a brief cruise visit.


Malta - Photo by Micaela Parente on Unsplash

Malta – Photo by Micaela Parente on Unsplash


Highlights of Malta’s three islands – Malta, Gozo and Comino:

  • History/culture/religious sites. Malta’s 7,000 years of history is revealed in its ancient towns and villages and extraordinary archaeological sites
  • Relaxation. You’ll revel in its sunny weather, expansive beaches, spectacular scenery and sybaritic spas
  • Sports & Adventure Activities. Diving, walking, cycling, swimming, snorkeling, rock climbing, sailing, playing a round of golf – a vacation in the Maltese Islands can be as active (or inactive) as you want to be
  • Family Fun. On its beaches; at its theme parks, exciting museums and aquarium; or on cruises
  • Weddings and honeymoons. Sumptuous five star resorts and intimate boutique hotels provide romantic vistas from land and sea
  • Malta offers a wide range of accommodations, dining and nightlife


Malta - Photo by Mariana Proença on Unsplash

Malta – Photo by Mariana Proença on Unsplash

3) US Waterways River Cruises

Interested in a river cruise but don’t want to travel to Europe? Did you know you can have a European “style” river cruise experience in the US?  Until recently, US river cruises were in much older vessels that did not compare to the river cruise ships in Europe.  That all changed with American Cruise Lines’ launch of their new modern ships! Now you can explore select US rivers on ultra modern river boats with many inclusions, all with a shorter flight than going to Europe.


American Cruise Lines, American Harmony - Expand Your World in 2020 with These Unique Experiences

American Cruise Lines, American Harmony – Expand Your World in 2020 with These Unique Experiences

American Cruise Lines itineraries include shore excursions and may include pre or post hotel packages.   Here’s a sample of a lower Mississippi itinerary:

American Cruise Lines, Lower Mississippi - Expand Your World in 2020 with These Unique Experiences

American Cruise Lines, Lower Mississippi

4) US National Parks Tours

Another potentially unique option is to head out West for a tour of some of the USA’s greatest treasures – our Western National Parks.  You can take a guided vacation of select US National Parks with all of the logistics done for you.  (FYI – the drive from Mount Rushmore to Grand Teton national Park is 463 miles!)


US National Parks - Expand Your World in 2020 with These Unique Experiences

US National Parks – Expand Your World in 2020 with These Unique Experiences

What’s the advantage of having your multi-hundred mile trip consolidated into an escorted tour? Here are four ways Globus Tours eliminates the hassels – they’re one of my “highest client-satisfaction” tour companies.

  • VIP Access: Skip the lines and get special treatment at the must-see attractions
  • Perfect Hotels: They’ve done the work to find just the right hotels in just the right locations
  • Tour Directors: Take your heads out of the guidebook and let expert guides make every destination fascinating
  • Transportation: Leave the navigating to them – and just sit back and enjoy the ride

US National Parks Tour


US National Parks Tour – Vacation Highlights

  • RAPID CITY: Orientation
  • BLACK HILLS: Visit Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Crazy Horse Memorial; scenic drive through Black Hills National Forest
  • DEADWOOD: Sightseeing with a Local Guide
  • LITTLE BIGHORN BATTLEFIELD: Sightseeing; visit the museum
  • CODY: Visit Buffalo Bill Center of the West
  • YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK: Stay inside the park; sightseeing
  • GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK: Sightseeing; enjoy a huckleberry shake
  • JACKSON: Chuckwagon cookout
  • SALT LAKE CITY: Sightseeing; farewell dinner

Free Wi-Fi is available on your motor coach and in most hotels. (Note: Some lodges within the parks do not have air-conditioning, televisions or other amenities.)

Above all, you’ll experience all of these places on one booking!  Just imagine the savings in time and logistics over doing it yourself.

5) Experience a cruise on a brand-new adults only cruise line for those with a rebel inside

Introducing Virgin Voyages – Sir Richard Does it again

Virgin Voyages’ first ship is the Scarlet Lady and she arrives in…yes, 2020!


Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady - Expand Your World in 2020 with These Unique Experiences

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady – Expand Your World in 2020 with These Unique Experiences


  • Adults 18 and over
  • Pricing includes WiFi, ALL eateries, group fitness classes, and tips. There are NO buffets. Let me emphasize – all dining options are INCLUDED!
  • You stop at their private beach club at Bimini (Bahamas) with featured DJs and a bonfire in the evening
  • Innovative yacht-like cabins

Currently, the Scarlet Lady is set for 5-night itineraries. All stop at the private Bimini Beach club and one other destination with an extended port time!  (Cozumel displayed below.)

Virgin Voyages Itineraries - 2020 Unique Experiences

Virgin Voyages Itineraries – 2020 Unique Experiences


With this “explore your world in 2020” list, whatever travel option you decide will be something special.  You might visit a destination that was not on your radar or experience a destination in a new way that you may not have considered.  We’ll schedule a discovery call to explore your travel dreams for 2020. After that, we’ll work together refining your trip until it is just right for you.


Start your 2020 travels with your discovery call today

There you have it – suggestions for unique travel experiences in 2020!  Which one(s) sounds most appealing?  CLICK to set up our 15-minute call to discuss.  Other ideas for your 2020 travels?  Let’s chat.

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Curious about my clients’ most often planned/booked trips?

These types of vacations are are not included in the “Expand Your World in 2020 with These Unique Experiences” list.

1) Mediterranean cruises.  Think about it – a Mediterranean cruise takes far more planning than just selecting and booking a cruise.  The whole experience may include any or all of the following:

  • Airfare
  • Pre and/or post hotel nights
  • Tours on land
  • Shore excursions in port
  • Transfers
  • Trip protection insurance
  • Coordination of onboard ship options including beverage packages and dining

2) Custom trips to Italy. Probably the biggest thing I do is carefully and meticulously map out multi-city custom land trips, which may include:

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

  • Airfare
  • Hotel selections
  • Tours and day excursions
  • Rail tickets
  • Transfers
  • Trip protection insurance
  • Dining recommendations and reservations

3) Custom land trips to the UK and France.  Includes all of the steps from my custom Italy trips, but normally not as many cities visited in France and UK (but that is up to you).

Eiffel Tower and Shard Tower

Eiffel Tower and Shard Tower


4) All-Inclusive resort trips to Mexico. Looking for an all-inclusive resort trip? I believe Riviera Maya offers offers the best selection and most value for your vacation dollar.

5) Caribbean Cruises. There are more possibilities than you can imagine! I’ve been researching, planning and servicing Caribbean cruises since the beginning of my travel career.

6) Orlando theme parks. Whether families or adults, there’s always demand for Disney and Universal.

7) Exotic Travels: African Safaris and Australia/New Zealand; I’ve also researched/planned/serviced Iceland and French Polynesia/Tahiti trips!



Do any of these trips look like your dream trip for 2020? CLICK to set up our 15-minute call to discuss.  Other ideas for your 2020 travels?  Let’s chat.

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