My Favorite Travel Tools

Here are some of the travel tools I enjoy using; you just might need some of these travel tools too.

Whether creating interactive itineraries, keeping in touch with existing clients, or explaining my value to new clients, I love to test out new travel tools.


Travel Itinerary Collage

Travel Itinerary Collage

iZento – I’ve used iZento for years; they are one of the pioneers for travel professional itinerary builders.  You can get a PDF, tablet versions or share your itinerary on  Here are samples for you to check-out:Italy Birthday Trip or Hawaii and San Francisco.

While this works just fine, I’m currently testing another tool that has it’s own native app; who doesn’t like apps? My latest test is with Umapped.  Umapped is designed for travel professionals, but consumers can use it as well to aggregate all of their booking information from various vendors in one app. But, why do the work yourself when I’m happy to do it for you?

Next up is Tripit. Are you a heavy business traveler?  Tripit Pro will provide you with real time flight alerts.  Further, TripIt  may ingrate with your corporate travel expense management system.

FX or Currency Exchange


coChange - a travel tool

coChange – a travel tool

While I’ve written a lot about ATMs and no FX fee credit cards, coChange takes it a step further and can really optimize your exchange rates and potentially get you better exchange rates than an ATM. Further, the coChange App rewards you for sharing your rates/experience at a particular exchange office.



The following items are all techie stuff…..stop reading now unless you’re into heavy tech stuff – YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

Email Service Providers (ESPs)

Mail Chimp – this newsletter is produced and distributed with Mail Chimp. In the past, I’ve used AWeber, Benchmark, Get Response, Infusionsoft, Wishpond, and Act-On.

Landing Pages:

Lead Pages, InstaBuilder 2.0 (what I have now), Optimize Press

Website and hosting

I’m a huge fan of creating in Worpress!  WordPress let’s you do whatever you can imagine.  Siteground is my current host after about three different vendors.

Do you have a business or no profit and want to learn more about these tools?  Please let me know, and I’ll assist you!