Fresh from the New York Times Travel Show

Feature Article – Fresh from the New York Times Travel Show

My NYT Trade Show Badge

My NYT Trade Show Badge


Warning, this post is heavily biased.  For people who’ve never worked with me, how do I explain the value I provide for your trip (especially multi-city travel)? Rather than saying it in my own words, why not let some of the big dogs of the travel industry explain it in theirs?  The picture below was from our keynote panel.  You may  have heard of Peter Greenberg on TV, radio, CNBC (how I define TV), or read his books. Until I heard Peter speak in person, I really thought he was against travel advisers.

 NYT Trade Show Badge, courtesy of Me

New York Times Travel Show, courtesy of Me


Here are some of Peter Greenberg’s top sound bites:

  1. The Internet is for the lazy; travel advisers are for the smart people (Peter’s words not mine!)
  2. The airlines’ motto: “we’re not happy until you’re not happy”.
  3. The fastest growing form of transport in the US is inter-city bus transportation.

WOW!  Not a new airline from a billionaire or a high-speed mag-lev carbon-free train, just buses.  Think about the cost of going on a bus versus air.  I’m not advocating this form of transport!  Just thought it was very interesting.

There was also an executive from Google Travel on the panel.  He discussed things like if you fly into LA and always search for three-star hotels, you will not be shown four-star hotels.  Google is getting ever more sophisticated.

Earlier in the day I attended a panel on European travel.


One of the panelists was Harry Dalgaard, President of Avanti Destinations.  Harry described his company as connecting the dots for multi-city travel.  I like that!  Reminds me of what I do for your travels – connecting the dots on all of the major travel components that go into your trip especially for multi-city trips.  Ever wonder how I design your mutli-city travel?  Avanti Destinations is one of my secret weapons to add value to your trip by working with a reputable supplier who can do trains, hotels, tours, and flights all in one place with a single point of contact.   Oh, and you also get an in-country contact for support during your trip.

Question about Avanti, are the hotels any good?  Simple, if there are 3 strikes against any one hotel, Avanti drops them!  Compare that to evaluating a hotel on Trip Adviser.  Think about this!!!!  If Trip Adviser has three strikes against a property, do they no longer include it in their rankings and reviews?  Oh, and is Avanti super-cheap?  No!

Please share your feelings below.