Genuine Experience in Cinque Terre Italy

Are you up for a genuine experience in Italy?  Consider Cinque Terre.

genuine Experience in Cinque Terre ItalyPhoto by Linh Nguyen on Unsplash

Genuine Experience in Cinque Terre Italy

We’re talking about visiting the Cinque Terre.  Lately, I’ve been taking my clients closer to real authentic local experiences via my on-the-ground tour operators.  Many first time trips to Italy may include stays in Rome, Florence, and Venice.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that – not even the slightest little bit wrong.  There is so much to take in from these three cities, and this is a hugely popular way to explore Italy (Rome/Florence/Venice) – especially for your first visit to Italy.

What about visiting the five villages or five “lands” that make up the Cinque Terre? While these rugged fishing villages are very popular, most tours (escorted or custom) do not over overnight in Cinque Terre.  There are day-trips there for guests staying in Florence; I know as I’ve booked them for my clients.

Perhaps you’d like to stay in the Cinque Terre for a couple of nights to slow down the pace of your trip and escape the more crowded cities?  Imagine more time for: hiking, beach-time, local seafood restaurants, and taking it all in? When you’re done here, you can go back to the cities and their must-visit museums, etc.

Monterosso, Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Italy

Cinque Terre Italy

Monterosso al Mare, one of the 5 villages, is easily accessible via rail from Florence. So, Monterosso is a good place to stay while visiting Cinque Terre.  Monterosso also has its own little stretch of beach.  Driving?  Not unless you don’t mind twisty little roads nestled in the cliffs, and parking can be a hassle in the villages.

Want to see a real example of how I included a stay in Monterosso?   Click here for a detailed itinerary

As time goes by, I build up more experience with my own network of international contacts at the actual tour suppliers and hotels to give you precisely the experience you want whether it is a special excursion, hotel, vineyard, etc.

This “closer to the action” post is the last of a series of three articles I wrote.  Past articles took you closer to the action in Norway and Hawaii.

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