Genuine Mountain Biking Fjord Safari in Norway

Mountain Biking Fjord Safari Norway

Fjord Safari Norway

Are you up for a genuine Mountain Biking and Fjord safari in Norway?  Lately, I’ve been taking my clients closer to my on-the-ground tour operators.  Recently a client came to me to book an active adventure in Norway with only about one month’s notice.  She was interested in a combination mountain biking and fjord safari that left out of Bergen, Norway – the same one I’d set up for her friend last year.

Look like fun to you?  This is the real deal – the picture on the left is an actual client picture.



Norway has some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery; with fjords, mountains,

Mountain Biking Fjord Safari Norway

Mountain Biking Fjord Safari Norway

glaciers  and waterfalls.

My normal US-based wholesaler said it was too close to departure to book the tour through them.  So, it was a no-go through my normal channels.   Not wanting to give up, I searched and searched and finally found the actual local tour operator who runs this tour and booked the Mountain Biking Fjord Safari Norway tour for my clients.

As time goes by, I build up more experience with my own network of international contacts at the actual tour suppliers and hotels to give you precisely the experience you want.

This “closer to the action” post is the first of a series of three articles I will write. Stay tuned for posts about Hawaii and Italy.

Want The Details about a Mountain Biking Fjord Safari in Norway?

Mountain Biking Fjord Safari Norway

Mountain Biking Fjord Safari Norway – Map

This tour leaves from the Bergen train station to make it very convenient for you.

At Flåm, you will have a chance to freshen up whilst you sign in and gear up for the fastest leg of your trip – the Fjord Safari!

From Flåm to Gudvangen, we explore the world heritage area of the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, both of which are branches of the Sognefjorden, the second longest but deepest fjord in the word.

Your guide will give you an exciting ride, speeding close to sheer mountain walls in precise control. You will also experience the tranquillity of an area hard to reach and seldom visited whilst learning about the history and geography of this amazing place.

On this safari you are not lucky if you see seals, you are unlucky if you don’t (70% of the safaris tours see them).  You may also see wild sea eagles and maybe even the odd sea kayaker!

The spectacular fjord Safari is by far the most exhilarating way to explore and experience the beautiful West Norwegian fjords.  You can start this tour from the Bergen train station.

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