Google For Ideas, Plan with a Pro

What can planning your vacation with Daydream Excursions give you that  you can’t get from Google and the Internet?

Intelligent buying decisions.

Google or “the Internet” is great for ideas, but planning with a real Travel Professional provides:

1) Sense of the flood of travel information for you to select the RIGHT travel products to create your optimal vacation experience.  Is that travel promo on the Internet what you really want?  Will the Internet tell you if it’s the right trip for you? A “good deal” on a horrible vacation is NOT a good deal at all.

Travel Ad

Travel Ad

2) All of the components that make up your entire vacation experience  (booking a cruise, tour, or resort is merely the beginning of the process).  For instance, if you’re going to Rome, will the Internet tell you how to visit the Vatican without waiting in a three-mile line?  Perhaps, but Daydream Excursions makes it EASY for you by taking care of all those behind-the-scenes details.  I strive to understand what kind of experience you’d like to enjoy on your trip and then make it happen for you.

STORY ONE:  Someone told me that he is booking his own trip to Atlantis, Paradise Island, for under $2,000 for the entire trip.  Really?  Try eating in Atlantis with OR without a meal plan and see what happens to my frequently-mentioned, “total cost to come home!”

3) A single point of contact, travel concierge, or “vacation guardian” across ALL of  your trip elements.  Who are you going to contact with ALL of your questions or last minute changes??  ME!  Is the Internet running your vacation through a series of quality checks and making sure that everything is OK before you leave?

STORY TWO:  A honeymoon couple traveling to Hawaii for an Island-hopping custom honeymoon wanted to do a shark cage dive off of the North Coast of Oahu.  Right before departure, the tour operator informed me it was best to change the time to decrease the chance of the tour being canceled due to rough seas.  I was able to advise my clients one day prior to leaving and make the changes with their approval- and they did not miss their dive!

4) Time for you to evaluate your options in an interactive and relaxed manner.  Online, you are presented with “click to buy now!”  When working with Daydream Excursions, you can book individual travel elements when YOU are ready.  (If  any travel components need to get booked right away, I’ll courteously let you know.)   Are you asked to pay the full cost upfront for a vacation that may be months away?   I can usually just take a reasonable deposit on your trip.  (No high pressure sales tactics here!)

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