How to Cancel Your Vacation

Do you have to cancel your vacation?  Is there a possibility that you have to cancel your vacation?  We’ll work together and make everything as smooth as possible.  Whatever the reason is to cancel your trip, I’ll work with you to make it as easy as possible and recover as much of your money as possible and rebook your trip if appropriate.  Before we get into the steps. I’ll share two stories.

1) Barbara called early on a Sunday morning.  It was her birthday and she should have been en-route to begin a Panama Canal Cruise.  Once, I saw her number on Caller ID, I knew there was trouble. She had an urgent medical issue and had to cancel her trip.  I immediately canceled the cruise portion and filed an insurance claim,.  We worked together to get the right forms filled out by her doctor and she received a full refund back in record time.  Additionally, there was a charge for shuttle transfer.  Since Barbara was soon ready to travel again, I booked her on another cruise within days and the shuttle company honored her reservation for the new dates.

2) Donna of NJ was anticipating a great family trip to the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Resorts.  One week prior to leaving, our county was struck by Sandy resulting in widespread devastation and power outages.  There was no way her family would leave her house without power even if it was restored just before they had to leave for their trip!  While, the family has a trip insurance policy, it may not consider the lack of power as a reason to cancel.  While, I think that the insurance company may assist due to the nature of the storm, I’m not taking any chances.  Prior to finishing the insurance claim, I’m working directly with the resort vendor to negotiate a direct refund of as much as possible.  Additionally, the value of the airfare will be good for one year.  I’ll confirm all of this and then go to the insurance company to file for any remaining money. This is my own “two-step” plan to maximize the chances of receiving as much money as quickly and easily as possible for my clients.

Let’s get on with the steps to cancel your vacation:

1) Please contact me immediately even if there’s only the possibility you may need to cancel your trip.  I will investigate the ramifications on your behalf right away and inform you of your options if  any.

2) Do you have trip insurance in-force with me?  If so I will  initiate a claim on your behalf and start the process of recovering as much of your money/expenses as possible.

3) We will evaluate your airline tickets.  Normally you have one year to rebook the value of your tickets with the conditions 1) pay a change fee of about $150 per person, 2) pay any increase in the prevailing rate due for your flight(s).

4) If you canceled your trip prior to leaving, I will assist with the the insurance filing process (if you have insurance) and prepare any necessary invoices/itineraries which are required.

5) If you had an issue during your trip, please keep all receipts and documentation.  We will need these documents to file an insurance claim (if purchased).

6) Please have patience and understand that I will do my best to support you from my experience and knowledge of how best to work with travel suppliers and insurance companies.

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