Interview with Daydream Excursions

Why should I plan my trip with Daydream Excursions?

While the industry standard may consist of immediately throwing quotes around, we work with you to survey and identify your unique vacation needs and  past “travel personality.”  Why? Your preferences are important to assist in planning a memorable vacation experience.  You will feel secure knowing we understand the purpose of your trip and the memories you want to bring home to replay again and again.

Why do you call yourself a Travel Advisor or Travel Concierge?

The Concierge concept applies understanding what you’d like to see and experience, and in what style.   We match these factors with your budget, schedule, and our knowledge and connections.  Concierge service helps you plan and experience the right vacation with attention to detail by offering to arrange comprehensive trip elements like air, transfers, sightseeing, insurance, restaurant recommendations, etc.  (As opposed to a  “Travel Agent” which implies “order taker” and certainly not a passionate provider of advice, care, and support!)

How do you support your clients?

  • We ARE with you before, during and after your trip if need be.  We work with you as your advocate to support your unique needs for your trip.
  • We will help you process insurance claims and assist you with vendor issues as we are YOUR advocate.
  • We use our inside knowledge and connections to bring you extra amenities and services when available.
  • We seek a long-term relationship with you and WILL stick with you throughout the travel planning process.

(“Long-Term” implies that the advice we give is in your best interest and NOT guided by the latest vendor promotions!)

Why not just use an online booking engine?

Ready to self-book online?  Daydream Excursions has questions for you:

  • Did you find the right resort, cruise line/ship, or tour company? The right accommodations?  Are you sure?
  • Whom will you contact for the inevitable questions that will arise?  Who cares about you and your trip?
  • How much will the trip cost, really cost, in TOTAL? Daydream Excursions focuses on your total cost to come home!
  • What will you do in your destination(s)?  Can you get in the “must-see” sites/experiences without long lines?
  • Will you have to pay for the whole trip upfront or just do a deposit?

With online booking engines, expect to submit 100% of the cost right then and there.  If you have any issues with changes and/or cancellations, what would you do?  We may be able to offer options for a custom installment plan to meet YOUR needs and budget.  In addition, should you need to change or cancel your plans, we are in YOUR corner to advise you on all ramifications.

Just Book your trip directly on a supplier website?

In general, expect our prices to be the SAME (Really!) or sometimes even BETTER (SURPRISE!) or we may offer extra amenities in many instances.  And is booking your cruise, resort, etc, the whole thing?  More importantly, a specific cruise or resort supplier’s website will simply NOT offer options from different suppliers that may be better suited for you and/or a better value. You simply cannot evaluate multiple trip options once you are on a specific supplier’s website.

Which cruise line, resort or tour company is the best for your trip?  WE will find the answer by working together and discovering the best trip for your needs and budget.

Do you charge for your services?

Each situation is different and upfront planning fees are sometimes charged.  (You will be happy!)  Further, you will not get surprise fees at time of booking.   We provide comprehensive quotes with taxes and things you may not have thought of like transfers.  I despise hidden charges just like you!

Do you have industry certifications?

  • ARC Verified Travel Consultant (VTC)…what does this mean to you?  You are dealing with a thoroughly vetted professional travel planner not a hobbyist.
  • CLIA Master Cruise Counselor (MCC) Accreditation and multiple cruise line certifications
  • Licensed to sell travel insurance – How many travel agents or online websites have this…ASK!  I was fingerprinted and had to pass a criminal background check!
  • All-Inclusive Advisor training for El Dorado and Azul Resorts, Real, Palace along with Secrets and Dreams Resorts
  • Escorted Tour training from Globus/Cosmos, Trafalgar, and Insight
  • River cruise training from Avalon Waterways and Uniworld.

CALL or email today to discuss your next dream trip!


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