Ocean Coral and Turquesa, Riviera Maya, Mexico July 2011

Hi there….you realy did not have to do that but thank you…just had a moment of down time and just wanted to definitely update you and let you know that all is well, kids are having a fabulous time. The other day it was not just Best day (and trust me I did take care of the issues….got a new representative-Miguel- and he has been fabulous to us with anything that we needed especially when I explained to him what happened)..and the dolphins were great..also had a very nightmareish (if that is even a word) day when I emailed you with the hotel…no worries bc I took care of that too…lol…..anyway just wanted to let you know it is beautiful here and dont think I will ever get my kids to leave…:)…we went zip-liñing today thru the jungle and had some kind of extreme adventure which now I can definitely say is going to be checked off my bucket list (the one I started here..lol)…did not cure my fear of heights but definitely fun…snorkeling tom

…tty when we get back

Hope all is well there 🙂