Order Taking Travel Agents are Toast

Order Taking Travel Agents are Toast!

There I said it!  The old timey order taking travel agents are toast.  I’ve been in Sales for over twenty years and have always despised order takers.  When I first got into the travel business, I heard older travel agents lamenting about the times when airlines paid commission.  TOO BAD, I don’t care.  I expect many more vendors selling mass market travel products to also cut sales commission.  Personally, I’m prepared for the future in my beloved industry. [/or_column_text][or_column_text]

WHY Do YOU Care about my ranting?

Simple. I like you and will work super hard to help you have the best trip!  But first, join me in looking at the article I read in LinkedIn about how robots will replace many jobs.  This article left such an impression on me, that I had to share it with you! Read The 5 Jobs Robots will Take First. The article was written by Shelly Palmer, CEO of the Palmer group. I’m going to focus on vanishing job number 2 with you:

“2 – Commodity Salespeople (Ad Sales, Supplies, etc.)

Unless you sell dreams or magic or negotiate using special perks, bribes or other valuable add-ons that have nothing to do with specifications, price and availability, start thinking about your next gig. Machines can take so much cost out of any sales process (request for proposal, quotation, order and fulfillment system), it is the fiduciary responsibility of your CEO and the board to hire robots. You’re fighting gravity … get out!” [/or_column_text][or_column_text] Think I’m just here to take your “vacation order” and book something for you? WRONG: I may have compared your request with other options behind the scenes – perhaps without you even knowing!  Maybe I can suggest something better for what you’re looking to do. Think you know all of the perks with a travel offer?  Maybe I do too, or maybe I have some extra goodies that you don’t know about.  Maybe your trip doesn’t even exist online but only in a combination of your imagination and my skills to create it for you? As stated above, “Unless you sell dreams or magic…,”  well that’s me!  That’s what got me so excited.  Travel should be a magical experience if planned and serviced correctly. “Specifications, price, and availability” apply to just about any trip you can easily book online –  what about custom multi-city trips that don’t “yet” exist within the realm of the online booking systems?   These complicated multi-city trips are where I shine in serving your needs.  Notice how I said “serving your needs.”  I’m first and foremost in the service business. [/or_column_text][or_image_gallery image_size=”thumbnail” title=”Happy Clients in Italy” images=”4067″ type=”grid” click_action=”none”][or_column_text]

Any travel bot can book a simple trip, but who cares about you and your trip before AND AFTER you pay. Will the travel bots answer your questions and concerns?

  1. Can I change this?
  2. Tell me more about this part of the trip?
  3. Can I cancel this trip or part of it?
  4. Can I switch dates?
  5. How do I check-in for XYZ?
  6. How much do I tip?  (I get this one all of the time!)
  7.  Where do I have to be and at what time?
  8.  This is a birthday, anniversary, etc. trip – how can I know it will be “special?”

Further, do the travel bots care about YOUR TRIP? While travel bots and the Googles of the world get more sophisticated in building out a trip and letting you “click-and-book,” what about after you book and enter your credit card info?  Who cares about your trip then?  Who wants you to be happy? The answer is ME!  I love what I do and I want you to be happy…really!  LONG after your payment information is provided, I’m still here to help you for the simple reason that I like you and want you to have a great trip.  REALLY!


Have you yet to work with me on your very own special trip?  You owe it to yourself to work with me – a real human!