Over-Water Bungalows… and Camels, too!

Looking for a destination with over-water bungalows and camels? No, it’s not Bora Bora nor Egypt!

English: Bora Bora

English: Bora Bora (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dreaming of over-water bungalow accommodations at a great resort so you can look at the sea through your own Plexiglas floor?  Want to ride a camel as part of your stay?  Don’t have the time or money to travel all of the way to Bora Bora or the Maldives?  There’s been a lot of talk about over-water bungalows coming to the Caribbean.  I’ve heard the rumors and seen the artists’ renderings.  While you can’t check-in yet, over-water bungalows are coming to the Caribbean – the Mexican Caribbean specifically.  And, they’re under construction right now!


Over-Water bungalows are coming to Maroma Beach

Karisma Presentation

Karisma Presentation

I recently attended an exciting presentation from Karisma Resorts.  You may have never heard  of Karisma, but you may know their unique resorts including  El Dorado, Azul, Generations, etc.  Karisma resorts feature “gourmet inclusive dining,”  and El Dorado resorts are adults only.  Sound good so far?  As part of the presentation, they showed some pictures of the over-water bungalows they are building NOW!  These over-water bungalow suites are under construction at the El Dorado Maroma Beach resort; Maroma beach is ranked as one of the top ten beaches in the World!  Further, the over-water accommodations in Maroma beach will have their own infinity pools.  Plans also include adding a restaurant and small spa on the pier.


If you search for over-water bungalows in the Caribbean, you will see some in places like Belize and Panama; however, if you’re looking for over-water bungalows at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun/Riviera Maya, Dominican Republic, or Jamaica, you will come up empty-handed.  Some developers have attempted to build in the Dominican Republic, and Sandals keeps promising over-water bungalows.  Now, Sandals has released renderings but not pictures of their over-water bungalows; I’ve  heard about this project years ago and believe Sandals will get these accommodations at some point.  And I’m sure Sandals will have a fabulous product when they are finished!

Camel Safari in Maroma Beach

Camel Safari in Maroma Beach

You may have read my past articles on the wonderful experiences and value you can experience from the Cancun/Riviera Maya region of Mexico.  The owners of Karisma also own Lomas Travel  and Maroma Adventures. Lomas Travel is one of the premier transfer and excursion providers in the Cancun/Riviera Maya region.  Maroma Adventures are the purveyors of the camel safari excursion – right in Maroma Beach.  When the over-water bungalows arrive at El Dorado Maroma, you can stay above the Caribbean Sea and go on a camel safari close by –   ALL from a modest flight from the US mainland.

Finally, I especially enjoyed the praise from the owners about how Americans provide jobs for locals!  So, when you go to the Mexican Caribbean understand that you are greatly helping their economy while you receive great value for your vacation!

Contact me for more details on the coming over-water bungalows at the El Dorado Maroma or over-water bungalows in Bora Bora or Moorea, French Polynesia!