Go on your dream vacation without spending countless hours researching infinite websites

The secret to your dream vacation is NOT spending hours on the Internet!

Dear Traveler,

Wondering if you made the right choice for your next vacation?

Are you overwhelmed with too many details to plan and manage with your next  big trip?

You are in the right place! Imagine feeling totally confident and care-free about your upcoming trip. I can help you plan and enjoy a vacation with all of your details expertly planned out.

Just imagine YOU on YOUR next vacation.  You have a beautiful view of the Eiffel tower from your hotel room, perfect suite on a perfect beach, or a perfectly located cabin on your dream cruise ship with all of the details expertly planned out for you.    SPOC in other version.Virtually all you have to do is pack and go!   We will also serve as your travel concierge before , duing, ansd after your trip so once call will handles any unexpected issues. You will feel relaxedabout all of the choices and details of your next trip because you know a professional is taking care of you.  Best of all, we can help you travel to the world’s most exclusive destinations and have the most amazing experiences.

Warm regards,


Dave Rosenthal, VTC, MCC

P.S. Ready to get started? Complete our What’s Your Travel Personality questionnaire now.  We’ll address what you want to experience on your next trip, and see if we’re a fit to work together.


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You are the most professional we have ever dealt with. You listened to our requests and put them into effect. Our trip was totally stress free, everything was exactly as you said ; no surprises.
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