See the Spectacular Iberostar Paraiso Resort Complex

This post reviews this sprawling 5-resort complex. See the Spectacular Iberostar Paraiso Resort Complex.

IB Paraiso Maya Pyramid Bar

IB Paraiso Maya Pyramid Bar

In addition to touring this mega-resort complex, I’ve sent clients to the different resort properties here for years.  There are  five different resorts here at the Iberostar Paraiso for different budgets; the resorts and for families and adults plus adults only.  I do NOT get complaints just happy clients who visit the Iberostar Paraiso resort complex.

I did a site inspection of parts of the Iberostar Paraiso complex (including the spectacular IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Paraíso).  This-multi resort “complex” includes 5  (yes FIVE) different Iberostar resorts that make of the Iberostar Paraiso resort “complex” in Mexico’s Riviera Maya:

  1. Iberostar Paraiso Beach
  2. Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar
  3. Iberostar Paraiso Lindo
  4. Iberostar Paraiso Maya
  5. Iberostar Paraiso Grand Hotel

The complex is located North of Playa del Carmen  and delivers a great vacation experience!  Again, I should know as I have sent my clients to different properties in this crowd pleasing resort complex and I can tell you that I do NOT get complaints (yes this is a repeat)!  The Grand Hotel is consistently in the top rated resorts in all of the Cancun/Rivera Maya region.

Iberostar Paraiso Facilities: Design and Layout

Iberostar Paraiso Lindo Lobby

Iberostar Paraiso Lindo Lobby

The Beach and Del Mar are the two original sister properties and located on the Northern end of the Complex.  The Maya and Lindo are the newer more upscale sisters located South of the Beach and Del Mar.  (We entered the complex via the Iberostar Paraiso Maya (the one with the fabulous Mayan pyramid (see the picture above).  The Grand Hotel Paraiso is at the Southern end of the complex and fronts the beach.

These resorts reflect a very Mayan design.  You will feel like you are in the heart of the Mexico’s Riviera Mayan region as you are and you are just North of Playa del Carmen.  The first four resorts reflect traditional Mexican design while the Grand Hotel is simply a palace.  You are outside to get to the different dining, drinking and, entertainment venues.  If you’re looking for  more of an “indoor” resort of modern sleek design, please see my popular review of The Royalton Resort and Spa.

Iberostar Paraiso Beach

The resort complex has a really nice stretch of beach but be forewarned that rooms do NOT have ocean views unless you are staying at the Grand Hotel Paraiso.  Guest rooms at the first four properties come in different level and locations but offer nature or pool views.  You access the beach by walking through a stand of trees.  Once you arrive on the beach it is beautiful and loaded with bars, snack bar, palapas, water sports shacks, etc. Oh, the staff also prepares a gargantuan sized paella on the beach!


Iberostar Paraiso Pools and more

IBEROSTAR Paraiso Resort Complex Wave Pool

IBEROSTAR Paraiso Resort Complex Wave Pool

The pool scene definitely sets the Iberostar Paraiso resort complex apart from ALL other resort pool.  The Iberostar Paraiso resort complex has the only wave pool in ALL of the Caribbean.  It’s  a zero entry pool and a bell rings when the waves start. The main pool is gigantic with a swim up bar in the middle.  There is also a lazy river pool.  Floats are extra and must be purchased or brought in.  There is so much going on that the pool area is great for kids, families and adults.  They also have SCUBA introductions in the pool.  This area is the hub of many activities and a short stroll to the beach.


Iberostar Paraiso Kids Club

The kids club at the Maya is very rustic.  There is an indoor activity room .  Bathrooms have outside access.  There’s also a great kiddie pool with a large pirate ship.  (Don’t worry, I WON’T put you there unless you want!)  Iberostar also has a little kitchen for infants’ needs.  This building has a refrigerator and pantries with formulas, baby foods and other items – great for families traveling with babies.


Iberostar Paraiso Maya Guest Rooms

Iberostar Paraiso Maya bathroom

Iberostar Paraiso Maya bathroom

My tour offered tours of the Paraiso Maya guest rooms only.  Of the first four resorts, the Maya has the nicest rooms and facilities.  These rooms offer a very large bathroom with a full height shower, tub, and double sink.  Perfect for getting multiple people ready for nighttime festivities after a full day of sun and surf.  I’ve had multiple rooms of clients booked right near the pool which offered easy pool access along with show theater and restaurants close by.


Iberostar Paraiso Dining

There are buffets and a specialty restaurants. The higher you are in the resort pecking order and the longer your stay, the more specialty restaurants you can visit.   Thus, staying at the Iberostar Paraiso Maya will give you the most nights at the specialty restaurants. Don’t hesitate to contact me with assistance for advance booing of your specialty dining!  Note: you must be a guest at the Grand Hotel Paraiso to dine there.

Iberostar Paraiso Drinking and Entertainment

Iberostar Paraiso Maya Show Theatre

Iberostar Paraiso Maya Show Theatre

There are numerous bars in the resorts plus a show lounge that has both adult and kids shows. We’ve already mentioned the pool bars and beach bars. You can also take a shuttle over to the Plaza Paraiso Shopping Center for the Galaxy Discotheque.  As the Disco does not open until 11pm, I think it is great that it is away from the guest rooms.  There is also a casino.  Finally, the Plaza Paraiso shopping center includes a nice coffee shop, multiple eateries, and a small carousel for the kids.

That’s it for this review of this monster Mexican Colonial style resort complex.  I really believe there is something for everyone here.  As this resort gets updated and changes frequently (there was work being done when we there there in April of 2015), please weigh in with your own comments and/or additions, corrections if need be.

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