The Surprising Truth about Cruising from New York

Want to know the surprising truth about cruising from New York (or New Jersey)?

I often get client inquiries about cruising from New York or New Jersey vs. cruising out of Florida.  There’s a feeling that it is easier and less expensive to cruise out of NYC/NJ than it is out of Florida?  What do you think?  Easier is certainly subjective and for non-flying clients who want to cruise out of the Northeast, leaving from Florida is a moot point (unless you drive or train) so permission granted to STOP READING right now!


Let’s see the TRUTH about cruising from NYC/NJ vs. Florida.  I’ve previously compared the itineraries available along with the experiences offered comparing cruising from NYC/NJ vs. FL in a previous post.  It is time to get into a real comparison.  We’re going to look at two 7 day itineraries: one from New York City and another from Miami, Florida.  Since there are no REAL 7 Day Caribbean Itineraries from NYC, I’ve picked a 7 day Bermuda trip from NYC and a 7 Day Eastern Caribbean Itinerary from Miami, FL.  We are going to look at a family of four wanting a cruise vacation right at the end of the school year.

Here’s YOUR NYC/NJ vs. FL Comparison

We’re going with Norwegian Cruise Line and Here’s WHY:

They will both have new sister ships sailing in June, 2014, so I’m controlling for any perceived difference in the on-board experience and facilities

NYC to Bermuda will go on the Norwegian Breakaway READ why I like it in my review

Miami to the Eastern Caribbean will be aboard the brand new Norwegian Getaway

Cruising fron New York/NJ vs. Florida












This is an example where I tried to make a reasonable comparison.  Here’s more for you to consider:

1) During the Christmas and New Year’s season, flight prices go crazy along with cruise prices.  Flights to Florida around school vacations can also get into a situation of tight supply and higher prices.

2) It may be challenging to compare itineraries out of NYC/NJ vs. Florida; there are “real” Caribbean itineraries from NYC/NJ.  However these range from 9-12 days round trip.

3) You define the meaning of the best value for your vacation!

4) Looking for a great vacation value?  Look here for another analysis comparing cruise to resort vacations.

5) This analysis does not imply that one vacation is better than another.  YOU are the final judge, just PLAN YOUR TRIP with me  🙂

6) Prices can and WILL change!

DOES this article stir up any reactions?

Please share in the comments and pick up the phone or send an email to start planning your next vacation!



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  1. Dave, this is precisely the kind of information that I needed, thanks. We’ve been trying to determine that very difference and were never really very successful. We’ve preferred the trips out of Florida, but based upon what airfares we saw just figured it was much more expensive flying a family of 5 (or 6 with a guest). Guess we were wrong, by over $1,000. That will cover our on-board drink bill… 😉
    Thanks again,
    Bob Wehner

  2. Bob, My pleasure to assist. Did you also read the article comparing cruise to all-inclusive resorts?