How to plan your multi-city land vacation

This article focuses on how to plan your multi-city land vacation with me.  Winter/early Spring is when I have the highest requests to begin planning multi-city custom trips – a.k.a. built from scratch. These include places like the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Costa Rica.     You’ll learn more about what goes into the […]

Barbados – Caves & Monkeys & Beaches, Oh My!

One of my past guests recently booked a Barbados third-party shore excursion along with three other third-party shore excursions with much trepidation.  She was led to believe there is great risk by not taking the shore excursions offered by the cruise line.  “What if we get left behind?” is a common question we hear at […]

Costa Rica – Ten Essential places to visit

Ready for ten essential places to visit in Costa Rica?  Last week, we featured an introduction to Costa Rica’s geography and how to get around.  Now we will review what you can do and where whether you want to experience anything from active adventure to just relaxation.  Once again, actual travel guest photos are provided. […]

Costa Rica – How to Navigate the natural wonders

Dreaming about Costa Rica’s unique biodiversity and rich nature activities? Looking for a compact-sized country offering beaches for relaxing or surfing, and mountains/volcanoes for exploring? Would you like to mingle with nature in a cloud forest, or a rainforest? Want to raft, zip-line or do a tree-top canopy walk? You can experience all of this […]