Cruise vs Resort: Total Cost to Come Home

What is your total cost to come home from your vacation?  OK, I hate hearing this, “I found this vacation for $1399 for two.”  Really?  Please tell me all about it?  (Hope I’m not offending anyone here! You may know who you are.)  Turns out this property in question is NOT  All-Inclusive so the amount […]

Let Us Handle the Details of Your Dream Vacation Travel

Dear Traveler, Are you a professional, retiree, or busy family who values personalized and high-touch service? Is your life so busy, you don’t have time to plan your next vacation? Do you know where you want to go AND want someone else to handle all of the details that make it a complete vacation? You’re […]

Barcelona in Two Days – What to See and Do

This post courtesy of Katie O’Hara    Can you experience Barcelona in two days?  If you have only a few days to explore Barcelona, you’ll want to use your time wisely to make the most of your trip and see the best sites. Below, we’ve highlighted the top four places to see. Focusing on a […]

Visa – Get Them Easy

Traveling abroad?  You have a passport, right?  Will you need a Visa?  Read on for super easy help in some of the most commonly visited countries that require a Visa for US Passport holders.  We will also hit on some of the highlights of these great Visa requiring countries. In general, here is what you […]