Over-Water Bungalows… and Camels, too!

Looking for a destination with over-water bungalows and camels? No, it’s not Bora Bora nor Egypt! Dreaming of over-water bungalow accommodations at a great resort so you can look at the sea through your own Plexiglas floor?  Want to ride a camel as part of your stay?  Don’t have the time or money to travel […]

All Inclusive Resorts: 18 Questions You Need to Ask

Have All-Inclusive Resort questions?  Here are 18 questions you need to ask when planning your next resort trip.  With the weather turning cold in North America, it’s time to think about warm weather destinations.  Warning, if you’re looking for a “$399 for 7-Days with air” type of deal, this is not the right article to […]