Multi-City Travel Service Update

One-Stop Multi-City Travel Services I’ve enjoyed speaking with you about your travels and booking trip(s) for you for over 11 years! I want to tell you about a shift I’ve made in my travel business, I’m specializing in complex multi-city travel trips.  I have over 11 years of experience and absolutely LOVE helping busy people […]

Authentic Polynesian Cultural Experience in Hawaii

Looking for an Authentic Polynesian Cultural Experience in Hawaii? The Polynesian Cultural Center represents an incredible authentic Polynesian cultural experience in Hawaii.  The Center is located in the Northern Part of Oahu, the “Waikiki Island.” And yes, it has a Luau!  While there are many luaus in Hawaii (especially on Oahu and Maui), the Polynesian […]

How I Stopped a 767 from Taking off for Disney Aulani

Interested in how I stopped a 767 from taking off? Please read on!  This story started back in November of 2014.  I’ll start with a quick question?  Do you like the idea of someone monitoring your flights in anticipation of any problems? The Hawaii Trip to Disney Aulani A new client asked me about planning […]

Google For Ideas, Plan with a Pro

What can planning your vacation with Daydream Excursions give you that  you can’t get from Google and the Internet? Intelligent buying decisions. Google or “the Internet” is great for ideas, but planning with a real Travel Professional provides: 1) Sense of the flood of travel information for you to select the RIGHT travel products to […]