International Travel Documents: What You Need To Know

Planning for your dream vacation can be so exciting! Where you’re going to stay What you’ll see What shows you’ll take in What amazing food you’ll try But, what about all your travel documents? Are they all in order? How to you safeguard your documents? Presenting – International travel documents: what you need to know […]

Warning: Is Your Passport OK?

Quick question, and a warning: is your passport OK? Are you planning a trip with me?  Planning elsewhere?  Either way, please check your passport NOW!  I recently had a couple greatly looking forward to a quick 4 Night escape to Bermuda.  The day prior to leaving, the husband realized that his passport was expired.  (Please […]

International Air Travel Tips and Advice

Here are some international air travel tips and guidelines that can make the international air portion of your trip more enjoyable. Once again, thanks to Mr. Tom Ogg of the Travel Professional Community for the content of this article and his great contributions to our industry. Planning Your Trip: Always use a Travel Professional! If […]