How to get a Wonderful Trip Itinerary

Wonder how I go from your initial travel survey to a wonderful trip itinerary? Getting from our initial contact to your completed travel itinerary takes a lot of work!  (The majority of the task is my job to make your complex travel planning easy.)  After you submit your trip planning survey, we’ll take these steps […]

Europe in the Fall/Winter: 6 Reasons to Love Late Season

If a summer getaway to Europe isn’t in the cards, read on for the advantages of a trip to Europe in the late season for a local experience at a lower price. The months of November to April are some of the best times to visit Europe.   What will you experience in Europe in the […]

Google For Ideas, Plan with a Pro

What can planning your vacation with Daydream Excursions give you that  you can’t get from Google and the Internet? Intelligent buying decisions. Google or “the Internet” is great for ideas, but planning with a real Travel Professional provides: 1) Sense of the flood of travel information for you to select the RIGHT travel products to […]

Mediterranean Travel: Cruise vs.Tour Throwdown Part 1

First time visitor to the Mediterranean?  Past Cruiser?  Well, then cruising wins…maybe!  Read on to understand why. If you’ve always wanted to visit the Mediterranean Sea (actually means “Inner Sea”), experience the comfort and familiar surroundings and conveniences of a cruise ship: familiar accommodations and creature comforts familiar cuisine same staff each day no language […]