Vacation Planning Questions

Here are Daydream Excursions’ Vacation Planning Questions: Have you been on vacation? Say Goodbye to travel worries and say hello to customized travel planning to make your vacations worry free; virtually just pack and go! VACATION OBJECTIVE “Just send me a quote!” No!  There are vacation planning ramifications based upon what you want to experience. […]

International Air Travel Tips and Advice

Here are some international air travel tips and guidelines that can make the international air portion of your trip more enjoyable. Once again, thanks to Mr. Tom Ogg of the Travel Professional Community for the content of this article and his great contributions to our industry. Planning Your Trip: Always use a Travel Professional! If […]

Google For Ideas, Plan with a Pro

What can planning your vacation with Daydream Excursions give you that  you can’t get from Google and the Internet? Intelligent buying decisions. Google or “the Internet” is great for ideas, but planning with a real Travel Professional provides: 1) Sense of the flood of travel information for you to select the RIGHT travel products to […]