A proven way to more happiness

Looking for a proven way to more happiness? This article shows the benefits of travel with the research to back-up the claim that travel can lead to more happiness. We know that travel comes with a host of great benefits as you get to: spend time with people you love see new things and try […]

Did You Leave Out One of These 5 Items for Your Italy Trip?

This brief guide reveals 5 items you need to know before leaving for your trip to Italy. Have your overlooked any of these critical items for your Italy trip? While you may have booked a flight and hotel, there is more you must consider to have a well-planned out travel experience!  This guide comes from […]

Fresh from the New York Times Travel Show

Feature Article – Fresh from the New York Times Travel Show   Warning, this post is heavily biased.  For people who’ve never worked with me, how do I explain the value I provide for your trip (especially multi-city travel)? Rather than saying it in my own words, why not let some of the big dogs […]

What You Must Do Before You Travel Internationally

Packed and ready to go on your dream trip? Wondering what You Must Do Before You Travel Internationally? This guide reveals what you need to know before you leave for your trip The information comes from years of answering of client questions. If you have travel tips you’d like to add or questions to ask, […]

Happiness and Travel Agents

There is a recent study conducted in January 2014 by MMGY Global looking into happiness and the usage of travel agents. I’d like to share some of the insights with you.  Travel Agent Happiness Study Background Respondents have annual income greater than $50,000 8,338 respondents traveled for leisure in past 12 months About 14% used […]

Preventing Unacceptable Flight Connections

The situation that required preventing unacceptable flight connections. I have two special long-time clients anticipating a life-long dream for three weeks in Brazil on an “upper premium” cruise.  The cruise line was offering an unbeatable offer for air fare down to Rio de Janeiro and back from Miami – where the cruise ends.  My special […]

Vacation Planning Questions

Here are Daydream Excursions’ Vacation Planning Questions: Have you been on vacation? Say Goodbye to travel worries and say hello to customized travel planning to make your vacations worry free; virtually just pack and go! VACATION OBJECTIVE “Just send me a quote!” No!  There are vacation planning ramifications based upon what you want to experience. […]

Let Us Handle the Details of Your Dream Vacation Travel

Dear Traveler, Are you a professional, retiree, or busy family who values personalized and high-touch service? Is your life so busy, you don’t have time to plan your next vacation? Do you know where you want to go AND want someone else to handle all of the details that make it a complete vacation? You’re […]

Go on your dream vacation without spending countless hours researching infinite websites

The secret to your dream vacation is NOT spending hours on the Internet! Dear Traveler, Wondering if you made the right choice for your next vacation? Are you overwhelmed with too many details to plan and manage with your next  big trip? You are in the right place! Imagine feeling totally confident and care-free about your […]

International Air Travel Tips and Advice

Here are some international air travel tips and guidelines that can make the international air portion of your trip more enjoyable. Once again, thanks to Mr. Tom Ogg of the Travel Professional Community for the content of this article and his great contributions to our industry. Planning Your Trip: Always use a Travel Professional! If […]