Small Ship vs. Large Ship Cruising

Here is a list of the Top 10 Differences of Small Ship vs. Large Ship cruising according to webinar presented by Variety Cruises covering accommodations, dining, entertainment, itineraries, excursions, and more.  We’re going to focus on the small ship difference as big ship cruising get most of the press! While the demand for big cruise ships […]

Google For Ideas, Plan with a Pro

What can planning your vacation with Daydream Excursions give you that  you can’t get from Google and the Internet? Intelligent buying decisions. Google or “the Internet” is great for ideas, but planning with a real Travel Professional provides: 1) Sense of the flood of travel information for you to select the RIGHT travel products to […]

Travel Insurance – Ask these Ten Questions

Ready to book your next trip?  Your travel planner, be they human or electronic, asks you about travel insurance or trip protection. Is travel insurance a wise purchase?  This week, we are asking questions for you to consider.  We’ll be back with more information in a future issue.  But first , let’s share some stories. […]

River Cruises: Did you know?

We’ve looked at both cruising and touring in the Mediterranean.  Is there a way to combine the best of both?  River cruises combine the best of an ocean cruise with the best of a land tour. Further, river cruises especially apply to European trips as the original means of transportation were rivers like the Danube, […]