Helpful Travel Apps for You to Explore the World

Looking for some helpful travel apps to help you explore the world? If you’re a frequent traveler or a not-so-frequent traveler, there are Helpful Travel Apps that can help you explore the world a little bit easier. Before, we get to the “sexy” Helpful Travel Apps, let’s take a look at an airline app and […]

United Airlines Remarkable New Low in Customer Service

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard about United Airlines remarkable new low in customer service. Do you want to check out some interesting tweets: United Incident Tweets   Warning – expletives on that link!  Note: there is a lot more to this story than the video showing the man being dragged off the plane…not […]

How I Stopped a 767 from Taking off for Disney Aulani

Interested in how I stopped a 767 from taking off? Please read on!  This story started back in November of 2014.  I’ll start with a quick question?  Do you like the idea of someone monitoring your flights in anticipation of any problems? The Hawaii Trip to Disney Aulani A new client asked me about planning […]

Airline Seats: 9.1 Ways to Get Them on Your Next Flight

Obtaining airline seats is getting very tricky! Just last month, I was trying to seat a family of four together on a United flight.  While the family had assigned seats, they were not all together which was not good for a family with children.  It took 3 calls including one by my client, to get […]