Cuba: Engage or Isolate

Cuba: Engage or Isolate There’s a lot going on in the news concerning events in Cuba.   Is it better to engage or isolate Cuba?  What’s my agenda here?  To promote travel everywhere!   Several of Daydream Excursions’ clients visited Russia this year and embarked on a 2 day tour of St. Petersburg.  It was […]

What You Must Do Before You Travel Internationally

Packed and ready to go on your dream trip? Wondering what You Must Do Before You Travel Internationally? This guide reveals what you need to know before you leave for your trip The information comes from years of answering of client questions. If you have travel tips you’d like to add or questions to ask, […]

Vacation Planning Questions

Here are Daydream Excursions’ Vacation Planning Questions: Have you been on vacation? Say Goodbye to travel worries and say hello to customized travel planning to make your vacations worry free; virtually just pack and go! VACATION OBJECTIVE “Just send me a quote!” No!  There are vacation planning ramifications based upon what you want to experience. […]

3 Ways to Prepare your Taxes Plus Travel Planning

There are 3 ways to prepare your taxes. If you have other techniques please share!  We’ll look at the pros and cons of each and perhaps answer what this has to do with Travel Planning. This topic has been on my mind for quite a while! Note: this article is for educational purposes only; none of […]

Airline Seats: 9.1 Ways to Get Them on Your Next Flight

Obtaining airline seats is getting very tricky! Just last month, I was trying to seat a family of four together on a United flight.  While the family had assigned seats, they were not all together which was not good for a family with children.  It took 3 calls including one by my client, to get […]

Travel Insurance – Medical Coverage Answers

Last week, we featured 10 questions to ask about travel insurance.  While, this week, you get ten answers about travel insurance, specifically medical coverage which may be included in various policies.  Why do I write so much about this topic?  The answer is simple, I don’t want you to lose money if you have to […]

Travel Insurance – Ask these Ten Questions

Ready to book your next trip?  Your travel planner, be they human or electronic, asks you about travel insurance or trip protection. Is travel insurance a wise purchase?  This week, we are asking questions for you to consider.  We’ll be back with more information in a future issue.  But first , let’s share some stories. […]

Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg, VA

This is it for Daydream Excursions’ Williamsburg Week.  After going to Colonial Williamsburg, we stopped at the Great Wolf Lodge and I had to go in and take a look.  I’ve heard a lot about the location in the Poconos and had to see for myself.  Watch the video and see my reaction to the […]