Did You Leave Out One of These 5 Items for Your Italy Trip?

This brief guide reveals 5 items you need to know before leaving for your trip to Italy. Have your overlooked any of these critical items for your Italy trip? While you may have booked a flight and hotel, there is more you must consider to have a well-planned out travel experience!  This guide comes from […]

Beautiful Travel Itineraries

Travel Itinerary Planner for your iPhone/iPad or Smart Phone Your next dream trip is booked and deposited, and you’re really looking forward to this trip!  Questions – what are you doing with your: airline reservations? cruise/tour/resort reservations? transfer reservations? sightseeing/excursions/theme park reservations? dinner plans? tee times/spa reservations? travel insurance policy? travel documents/vouchers? maps? city information? […]

Cruise vs Resort: Total Cost to Come Home

What is your total cost to come home from your vacation?  OK, I hate hearing this, “I found this vacation for $1399 for two.”  Really?  Please tell me all about it?  (Hope I’m not offending anyone here! You may know who you are.)  Turns out this property in question is NOT  All-Inclusive so the amount […]

News About Your Vacation Budget

  I have news for you about your vacation budget, I may not follow it! What? Please read on and don’t get offended just yet. Two Vacation Budget Stories 1)  A couple of great clients from Florida wanted to a arrange a special Birthday Celebration on Star Clippers, a  mega-yacht cruise line.  Star Clippers offers […]

How to Cancel Your Vacation

Do you have to cancel your vacation?  Is there a possibility that you have to cancel your vacation?  We’ll work together and make everything as smooth as possible.  Whatever the reason is to cancel your trip, I’ll work with you to make it as easy as possible and recover as much of your money as […]