Royal Caribbean Cruise:

“He didn’t even know me but by the time we finished planning the trip I know who he was and a little about him and his life. He also knew me which made it easier to chat and figure out where I wanted to stay and at which cabin I should be in… He was amazing!!! I really liked him from the get go!!!! …Dave Rosenthal was the BEST!! and no I am not related… I don’t even know him but he was awesome….”

Amy S., Ontario, CA
Disney World, March 09:

Our trip to Disney was amazing, it was everything I had wanted and more than I expected.  The whole crew at Disney seemed to know it was Gianna’s birthday thanks to you Dave!  She was in a fairytale and it seemed that Disney was there just for her!  Our reservations went off without a hitch and a few extra surprises were there thanks to our wonderful travel agent.  As a result of your planning we were able to just enjoy all of the experiences and not worry about dinner or character events.  We truly had a magical time and can’t wait for our next adventure!!

Ron, Jeanne, and Gianna Rao
Carnival Legend, March 2009 Family birthday cruise:

Really should thank you again for all you did to make this trip possible – we were very satisfied with all that you did – even while welcoming the twins and their various needs.  Keep up the good work and everyone should know what a caring and responsible travel agent that you are.

Beverly Williams
Bermuda Cruise, August 2008

Last summer, we cruised to Bermuda on NCL with Maria’s mother and some friends. It was a wonderful vacation for all of us and it never would have happened without Dave Rosenthal’s help. We had never cruised before, and his knowledge of the ship and all its activities and options as well as Bermuda were key in ensuring our diverse group made all the right decisions. He did more than just offer advice; he made the whole process fun and offered a very personal touch, meeting with all the parties in person and handling all of the hassle work for us. His showing up at the ship on the day we set sail, the private ship orientation and bottle of champagne were just icing on the cake. Dave was great, cruising was great. Give it a try!

Chas W., NJ
Tour of Australia, October, 2008

Dave Rosenthal was a consummate  professional at all times, thorough with his research, critiqued the pros and cons of each viable tour regarding itineraries and value. He followed up on all our questions and queries and worked closely with the selected tour company to ensure we got the best value for our money.  The end result was a memorable vacation down under  from  the big cities to the outback to the Great Barrier Reef to the lush rain forests. Kudos to Dave!

Rich E. NJ
Pre and Post Tours in Denali, Alaska and Vancouver/Victoria, BC, August, 2009

Hello Dave. What a wonderful time we had on our vacation. Both the tours you set up for us were excellent. Grey Lines were organized and the accommodations were superb. We especially loved the McKinley Chalets in Daneli. We wish we had more time to spend there. The Cabin Dinner was delicious and fun. I thought it might be too corny, but it really wasn’t. The paddle down the river was exciting, yet quite cold (welcome to Alaska), the temperature outside was 37 degrees and that was the temperature of glacier river…brrrrrr. The views were totally awesome and our guide was wonderful.  The cruise was fabulous, too. Though for a Carnival ship there wasn’t as much do  when aboard and it really wasn’t a late night group. One has to get up early to do and see all the adventurous activities. There was plenty of interesting food to eat, though not always the best. Breakfast was always the same. The wait staff was excellent as well as our steward. I loved the helicopter to glacier. I’m so glad I did that. I didn’t like the zip-line in Skagway. It was well done, the leaders were great, but it truly scared me to look down and jump from a great height. My husband and step-son loved it. We did a salmon bake in Juneau and a dungenos crab adventure in Kekechican which were both wonderful and delicious too.

The clipper-tours in Canada also were well organized and we loved and would highly recommend the Coast Plaza Hotel. It was in a perfect location. The trolley ride, was really a bus that looked like a trolley…they actually have trolleys that run through Vancouver. One day would have been enough, but the extra day only costs 7 bucks more. The Victoria part was a terrific ending. We had a knowledgeable, friendly tour guide. The gardens were awesome and the city of Victoria was even more fun than Vancouver.

Thank you for all of your help. I would totally recommend you and can’t wait to plan the next trip with you.

Freedom of the Seas, November, 2009 with Pre-Cruise Package


Again you pulled it off in great style.  You are such a good resource.  thanks

I was on the phone when you stopped by my office on Monday and thank you for the Birthday card and cup of coffee, that is a new first!

Great HUGE ship, food, service on the whole was simply fantastic.  The excursions you set up were simply great, very high level, we all enjoyed them all.   In Haiti no other tour operators apparently had access to the RC compound which stopped you from setting something up.  We did do the RC cattle boat snorkel in Haiti, and it was as expected; an OK but crowded boat, not too good site, mainly dis-interested crew who went through the motions and really made us appreciate the valet service tours you set up for us at the other ports.

The shore trips at Grand Cayman and Jamaica that you set up were simply great!

Grand Cayman was fantastic, only a few people on a nice large clean boat, great crew, great sites, got to do wonderful snorkeling and playing with the very tame sting rays. The crew and one passenger caught Conch on one of the snorkel sites, the crew cleaned, marinated it and served it on the beach along with the wonderful high quality catered BBQ lunch they had brought in.   We now have one of the Conch shells for a keepsake with a story.  It was an idealist trip and in keeping with the very high standard you uphold.

Jamaica was also great, the rafting was really wonderful and everything was perfect.  Just like out of the brochure on the bamboo raft.  We did not however walk up Duns Falls after scoping it out.  We did get into the water at the bottom and were not happy with the large crowds going up the falls or the challenge of slippery rocks in cool water.  We did the long stairs both ways and were happy to be spectators and our viewing of those people slipping, falling and picking their way on the rather crowded falls made us glad we were not part of them.  As you know, we are not the Zip Line, Bungee Jump type of folks.  Both Helen and Lee (Judy’s super senior parents) and us had seperate private tours in a nice clean vehicle with well informed and mannered guides.  They were there to please us and they did their jobs very well.

I really thank you for the treat you gave us with my birthday dinner at the Portofino.  Your thoughts and generosity is much appreciated. I look forward to our next trip that you will set up and words can not amply express our pleasure with the services and quality you provide.

Ray, Long Branch, NJ
Riviera Maya Honeymoon

I wanted to write to Thank you again for a wonderful Honeymoon. Your service was excellent and now almost a year later I have to say that It was the best time we ever had. I am looking forward to working with you again. So expect a call in the near future because now we have to celebrate many anniversaries. And of course we would not go to any body else, than our Best travel agent (Dave)! ;) You take care and I will be in contact with you soon.

Iris, Lancaster, PA
Custom Birthday Trip to Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens, Greece

Dear Dave,

I have passed your name on to everyone that will listen.

We had a wonderful trip and I believe that you had a lot to do with all our contentment from beginning to end.  We couldn’t have done it without you and we appreciate it so very much.

We got home in our own bed at 5:00am FL time, Tuesday morning.  We took an extra day off, we just had to…

Thanks again for everything and I hope you get alot of business from us.

Dorothy, FL
15th B-day/Quinceañera in Hawaii

Thank you for making our daughter’s 15th celebration in Hawaii a memorable one. The cruise was spectacular and we greatly appreciate all your commitment and dedication to making this family event such a GREAT one. You truly took the time to meet all of our expectations. We can’t wait to plan next years trip to Europe with you. We are enclosing some of the spectacular sites of Hawaii.

Thanks again!

The Acosta Family