Three Unique Travel Experiences

Last Thursday was the first meeting of the new season of NJ ACT – Association of Central Jersey Travel Agents. There is where I meet with travel vendors and learn about their latest offerings. We had three presentations from companies that are way beyond the typical tour/cruise/resort offerings. Please read on for three unique travel experiences!

1) Events 365

Perhaps you’ve worked with me in the past on trips where I helped you obtain Theater Tickets for New York and London. Now, I have a new source where I can get most concert tickets, big events like the Superbowl and US Open, etc. I can also get tickets to festival style events like Coachella along with most major sporting events. The system will even allow me to search for events around your dates of travel in your vacation destination(s).

2) American Cruise Lines

While European river cruises get almost all of the press, what about the Rivers of the US? American Cruise Lines serves the Mississippi and rivers of the Northwest while also offering small ship cruises in New England, Chesapeake Bay, and Alaska. They feature American built, flagged, and crewed ships. Identifying myself as a former Virginian, the Chesapeake bay itinerary looks really interesting. Take a peek: Chesapeake Bay Cruise

While there are other US river cruise/small ship operators in the US, what makes America Cruise Lines really stand out is that they are building a NEW class of river ships which will exceed the expectations of seasoned European river travelers.

3) Rocky Mountaineer

First-off, call me ignorant! I thought this was a luxury train service in the Canadian Rockies where you sleep on-board the train. WRONG; one of the first things the rep. said was that you do NOT sleep on the train. You stop in hotels along the way but actually have breakfast on the train. The train travels during the daytime to take in the beautiful scenery. You can package these beautiful train trips many different ways from Vancouver, Calgary, with/without a cruise, etc. Take a peek: Rocky Mountaineer

On a side note: the rep. showed me a picture of the train with a snow capped mountain in the distance. He went on to tell me that based on the snow-line on the mountain, the picture was probably taken in September. OK, I’m impressed.

Want to learn more about any of these three unique travel experiences? Something else on your travel horizon?

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