Travel Insurance – Medical Coverage Answers

Last week, we featured 10 questions to ask about travel insurance.  While, this week, you get ten answers about travel insurance, specifically medical coverage which may be included in various policies.  Why do I write so much about this topic?  The answer is simple, I don’t want you to lose money if you have to cancel your trip.   If you need medical assistance, I want it to be as hassle free as possible and show you what you really receive with different travel insurance options.

Let’s get to the ten answers about the medical coverage component in travel insurance.  (Note: please review your travel insurance quote/policy carefully to understand which coverages are included).

Medical coverage is actually a family of coverages:

1) Medical assistance to provide help, advice and referrals for medical emergencies.
2) Medical consultation and  monitoring contacts your treating physician to monitor your condition to assure you are receiving appropriate care and assess the need for further assistance.
3) Medical evacuation  when medically necessary, arrange and pay for appropriate transportation, including an escort, if required, to a suitable hospital, treatment facility or home.
4) Emergency medical payments assist the traveler in the advancement of funds or guarantee payments (up to the policy limit) to a hospital or other medical provider, if required, to secure their admission, treatment or discharge.
5) Prescription assistance to assist the traveler with replacing medications that are lost, stolen or spoiled during their Covered Trip, either locally or by special courier.
6) Dependent transportation & family visits for when a minor (age 18 or younger) is left unattended on a covered trip due
to hospitalization or death of the accompanying adult, arranges for their return home, including escort expenses.
7) Repatriation of remains in the event of death while on a Covered Trip, arrange for the preparation and transportation required to return the travelers remains to their home.
8 ) 24 hour nurse help line provide the traveler with clinical assessment, education and general health information. This
service shall be performed by a registered Nurse counselor
9) Medical coverage from the time you leave your house until your return.  Please understand that not all policies include door to door medical coverage.
10) Coverage for continuing medical needs after you return home (for a medical issue sustained during the trip).

Please note these are merely examples of medical coverage which may or may not be included in your specific policy.  Please consult with your travel planner or insurance company.  Ask if your travel planner/agent is licensed to sell travel insurance.