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Dear Traveler

  • Are you getting overwhelmed with all of the time consuming  details for planning your trip of a lifetime?

  • Is your life so busy, you don’t have time to plan your next vacation?

  • Do you know where you want to go but worry about all of the details you need to make a complete vacation?

Imagine feeling totally confident and care-free about your upcoming trip!

Dave Rosenthal, VTC, MCC picture

Dave Rosenthal, VTC, MCC

Whether you dream of:

  • a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower on a romantic getaway
  • taking your family on a once-in-a-lifetime experience to Machu Picchu
  • gazing off the deck of your overwater bungalow in Bora Bora,

And, you did not have to lift a finger to plan your trip.  

You will enjoy a vacation with all of your details expertly planned out – just for you. Virtually, just pack and Go!
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Benefits Our Clients Experience

When we work together, you will…

  • feel relaxed about your trip knowing your trip details are expertly planned out for you.
  • have a personally involved travel concierge before, during, and after your trip as your single point of contact to handle unexpected issues.
  • know exactly what to do when you get to your destination such as catching a transfer, train, or getting to a cruise pier.