Vacation Planning Questions

Here are Daydream Excursions’ Vacation Planning Questions:

Have you been on vacation?

Say Goodbye to travel worries and say hello to customized travel planning to make your vacations worry free; virtually just pack and go!


“Just send me a quote!” No!  There are vacation planning ramifications based upon what you want to experience.

What are your objectives in taking this trip?

Do you have a specific destination in mind?

Are there special occasion(s)?

What kind of memories do you want to take home to replay again and again?

How many people are going? ages? etc.


Where have you gone in your past vacation travels?

Caribbean/Cost Rica/Belize?

Europe?  Mediterranean?  Northern Europe? Central Europe?



Have you been to/on?

Theme Parks/All-Inclusive Resorts/Escorted Tours

Independent Tours


Do you have preferred:

Hotels/Resorts/Cruise Lines/Escorted tour company

Loyalty Program Member?

Trip protection Insurance? Ever filed a claim?


Previously visited? On a cruise? single city stay?

How active do you want to be?

Fly-N-Flop at a resort?/Adventure travel?

Cruise for a cruise or cruise for destination?

Must see sites?/experiences? Do you care about lines? size of crowds?

Do you want to explore on your own? with a group? some of both?


Ah, for the love of dining!

Want to eat like a local?

Are buffets OK?  Full-service a la carte dining?

Wine and food paring? degustation menus?

Special Dietary Needs/requests?

Need a gym to exercise or facility that offers certain classes?

Is this list a Lot of questions?

Hope you are getting some insights  into why I ask so many questions!  The more I know about you and your travels, the better the job we can do working together to plan the right trip that will have you coming home with happy memories to replay again and again.

Last question, where are the INTERNET travel specials and those the travel deals on ORB-TRAV-EDIA?  I get the same “deals” you get. Let’s work together, to plan the right trip for you.  Start right below!

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