Warning: Is Your Passport OK?

Quick question, and a warning: is your passport OK?

Are you planning a trip with me?  Planning elsewhere?  Either way, please check your passport NOW!  I recently had a couple greatly looking forward to a quick 4 Night escape to Bermuda.  The day prior to leaving, the husband realized that his passport was expired.  (Please carefully read my invoices for important passport/visa information.)

Is your Passport OK

Is your Passport OK Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Fast forward, the Bermuda-bound (hopefully) couple wound up going to Philadelphia for a same day passport appointment.  I canceled their original flight as there was simply no way to make it.  They would up getting a one-way evening flight from New York to Bermuda on the same day as their original departure. But, our passport story does not end with the canceled outbound flight.


Is your Passport OK

Is your Passport OK Photo by Jenny Marvin on Unsplash

By NOT showing up for the outbound flight meant that their return flight home from Bermuda would be canceled!! In general, If you miss your outbound flight, your return flights are CANCELED. We re-booked them on the SAME return-flight one-way; it was either that, or pay a “change-fee” for the privilege of staying on the same flight.

This situation became hugely time-consuming for all parties.  While these clients had trip protection insurance, not having an up-to-day passport is not a covered reason for a claim.

So, is your passport OK? Please check your passport as soon as possible!

One more suggestion: you may provide me with your passport data and I’ll let you know when it will expire – in advance.  Learn more about your travel adviser HERE.

I look forward to helping you with your next trip.