Things to Know for Your Wine Themed River Cruise

Things to Know for your Wine-themed river Cruise

We have always believed that it is a good thing to be prepared and know your options for any travel experience. Knowledge of the product and what is included is one benefit that you can enjoy when evaluating a river cruise against a land tour, etc.

You are going to experience an incredible amount of included items with a river cruise that are Not included on an ocean cruise especially the wine-themed excursions as these are included in the price of a wine-themed cruise.

Obviously, your choices would depend on your individual travel goals, availability for travel , river you’d like to explore and the specific wine growing region.

Please also refer to our introductory post on river cruising.

1. Wine on the Rhine makes for the perfect way to take a European river cruise

John Honeywell uncorks a classy European river cruise and finds it is a real glass act… Prost!

Magnificent: Heidelberg wine river cruises

Magnificent: Heidelberg wine river cruises

3. Wine and water: A river cruise through Bordeaux

A new river cruise takes Colin Nicholson through this celebrated grape-growing region

wine river cruise

Bordeaux wine river cruise



Watching the world drift by has never been more popular: 2014 has been an extremely busy year for river cruising, with more than 30 new ships taking to the water.

Almost half of those belong to Viking River Cruises, whose newest route takes in the fertile French territory of the Bordeaux winelands aboard the Viking Forseti.




4. Wine Sailings on Pacific Northwest River Cruises

By Ellen Uzelac, Cruise Critic contributor

wine river cruise









Looking for a wine-themed river cruise? Instead of traveling to Europe (the go-to destination for such cruises), consider the Pacific Northwest instead.

In addition to its abundant natural beauty, the Pacific Northwest is also a growing wine region, and river cruise lines operating in the region are taking advantage of their proximity to dozens of vineyards. Cruise lines sailing the Columbia and Snake rivers pay homage to the region’s wine country with tastings onboard as well as excursions to one or more wineries. A few lines have also added wine-themed cruises to their itineraries. The varietal push comes as the long-underappreciated wines of the Pacific Northwest are having their moment.




5. European Wine Themed River Cruises from AMA Waterways

Whether you’re a passionate newcomer to wine tasting, or a seasoned connoisseur, AMA Waterways has recently had to increase the number of wine themed cruise packages they offer, due to extended public demand. As reported by Travel Weekly, the number of river cruises they offer will increase from 12 to 44.

The company’s new ship, AMAKristina, will launch on the Rhine, next year in 2017, to help provide the extra accommodation needed. As well as being equipped with all the usual luxury facilities customers have come to expect from AMA, the boat will also include more private suites and balconies. So what is proving to be so appealing about these grapeinspired river cruises?



6. AmaWaterways Has Expanded Wine Cruise Itineraries


AmaWaterways Has Expanded Wine Cruise Itineraries

Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

AmaWaterways has undergone an expansion of themed cruise itineraries in 2016, most significantly with wine offerings. For example, does the name “Bordeaux” ring a bell? This renowned French wine region now has its own dedicated itinerary, part of 40 vino-specific departures this year.

Regarding the popularity of such themed cruises, Kristin Karst, Executive Vice President & Co-Owner of AmaWaterways stated, “it’s because of the comprehensive curriculum we offer… There is a certain educational component within wine tasting that allows you to fully appreciate in the experience.” To that end, a wine expert sails on each cruise of this type.





7. Cruising Europe’s Renowned Wine Regions


Cruising Europe’s Renowned Wine Regions
Posted Date: 3/14/2016

This year, AmaWaterways is excited to be expanding our themed cruise itineraries – most notably in the area of wine. In addition to our ever-popular Wine Cruise itineraries, which we have expanded to more than 40 departures in 2016, we have also this year introduced our new Taste of Bordeaux itinerary. This special voyage will guide travelers through France’s renowned Bordeaux region.

I am often asked why I think themed cruises are so popular, and in my opinion, it’s because of the comprehensive curriculum we offer onboard our themed cruises. There is a certain educational component within wine tasting that allows you to fully appreciate in the experience. With that in mind, we invite a distinguished wine expert to join us on this delectable journey, with hopes of creating amateur connoisseurs out of all our guests!



8. River of themes

By Sarah Feldberg /
The year-old Strand Cruise is launching a series of themed sailings on Myanmar's Ayeyarwady River in 2017 focused on classical music, food and photography. wine theme cruises

The year-old Strand Cruise is launching a series of themed sailings on Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady River in 2017 focused on classical music, food and photography.







When the Strand Cruise sets sail on its Valentine’s Day 2017 departure on Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River, passengers will be joined by some VIP guests: musicians from the Opera de Paris and Orchestre de Paris and French music journalist Elsa Boublil.

During the four-day sailing, the artists will play a series of classical concerts both onboard and onshore, with Boublil introducing the shows and offering music-themed lectures to complement the live performances.



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